Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Nation of Retards

A couple of weeks ago, I told off a rude commenter in my blog who had accused others of behaving like retards, that he obviously was a product of the system which is now consistently making us all look like retards on the international scene. Perhaps I was not very far off with my assessment.

Recent reports of the intended appointment of Tan Sri Zaki Azmi as President of the Court of Appeal and therefore next in line for the post of Chief Justice is not really surprising. I have no problems if ex UMNO lawyer Zaki, who was 'helicoptered' into the system by the executive, is not the most senior or haven't done real time on the bench or have spent too much time in the corporate world. It is his private life which is seriously in question.(Read about it, here).

The judiciary should be a bastion of integrity, honesty, forthrightness and true independence. At the moment I believe judicial morale is also at a very low ebb. We need to sort out the judiciary and restore the full confidence of the rakyat. The powers-that-be should not be allowed to continue to opt for self serving political expediency and damn the consequences.

Fellow blogger Haris Ibrahim of The People's Parliament have started a petition to the Agong (read here), to try and stop the rot. Lets all give him our support. E-mail your full name and IC number to:

Lets not become a nation of retards. We will only have ourselves to blame.


  1. Unbelievable, but likely to be true, I just heard 'they' are arresting people in various parts of Malaysia.

    The start of a crackdown on all opposition dissent by detention without trail under the ISA?

    Certainly looks like it.
    The people must stand up and strongly object to such high handedness and arrogant stupidity.
    The future of Malaysia, and that of out future generations is at stake.

  2. capt. after all the writings that appear in so many blogs of concerned Malaysians,it would seem that THEY are trying to brush them aside by pretending that problems are not there by refusing to take any action nor comment. May I propose that the format be changed in term of presenting these problems i.e. by using photos. Say, you start off a site where we can show all the pot-holes,extravagant projects be shown to all. You know I suspect many of the contract jobs given out do not match the actual works done; or even patchy jobs are paid as if they are brand new undertakings. I don't how you could do it, if it is there I'll buy the digital camera to provide some of the pictures. This should be part of the campaign towards clean government of responsibility and integrity for all Malaysians.


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