Thursday, December 06, 2007

How to start each day with a positive outlook

Someone e-mailed me this little snippet which I thought was rather funny:

1. Open a 'new file' in your computer.

2. Name it, 'Pak Lah.'

3. Now delete it and send it to the 'trash' or 'recycle bin'.

4. Empty the 'trash.'

5. Your computer will ask you, 'Are you sure you want to get rid of 'Pak Lah?'

6. Firmly, click 'Yes.'

7. Feel better?

Next week we'll do Sammy Vellu ...


  1. Good one Captain Yusof.
    If only it was that easy!
    For Semi Value a bigger trash bin will be required.

  2. Ha. Ha. That was funny. Me, I would start with a prayer to God - to do something about the leadership in our country. And I am sure He is listening!

  3. good one capt. really need a dose of laughter to brighten things up a wee bit.


  4. heheh...not only put in the trash, spam him and send him to the antivirus agencies.

  5. I'd like to put that 'PL' file through a virtual shredder.

    Twice, in fact. Just to be sure.

    And then, defrag my hard-disk.

    Yup! That would make me happy.

    Or print a hardcopy and flush it down the WC together with my morning nature call.

  6. YA, I have arranged for a Bloggers Tea Session with Kak Teh and Awang Goneng as follows .

    Date : Sunday 9 Dec 2007
    Time : 4.00 PM
    Venue : Kinokuniya Bookstore, Coffee Shop @ KLCC

    All blogger friends are kindly invited & bring your GUiT copy.

    Regards : Jaflam + Kak Teh

  7. Captain,

    I would prefer to physically consign dopey and his entire cabinet to the DBKL trucks that come around twice a week, and tell the drivers to compress that garbage. But then again, it just might make the stink from the ooze that leaks out really, really intolerable and further pollute our beautiful neighborhoods.

  8. Ahhh.. good one handsome sailor! It brightens up my rainy friday so far.. hik hik hik...

  9. Nice one Cap't. Is it trash or recycle bin? I'm afraid if we trash this one we'll only get a cloned or recycled one. Same old, same old. And Semi-Value for our money...

  10. Asmk Captain,
    Just read your posting and all the readers's comments @ Saturday 00.38 hrs. Ha ha, very funny. I'm sure I'll be laughing in my sleep afterwards. Regards.

  11. Salam Captain,

    Lol! Best laugh I had in 2 days, thank you.

  12. hi capt,

    this is a way cool creative joke on abdullah. but will you be coming to town tomorrow for the walk from sogo to central?

    rgds, melvin.

  13. LOL.

    It's Friday's setting-the-mood for the weekend.

    All the best, Captain.

  14. capt, talking about trash which is plentiful in our august Building and this trash should be sent to DBKL soonest. It makes my hair actually stands listening to their speeches!As I have had said many a time,honest, responsible and good leaders generally come from everywhere, so come GE, please vote for people who have those characters no matter which platform they stand or represent.Malaysia need such strong characters for its future otherwise IT too will go through DBKL trash center very soon.

  15. Ha ha ha ha ha... why I never thought of it before?

  16. hahahaha...good one, capt. i should start doing the same, and at this current rate, i have like 7-8 folders to be created.

  17. Thanks for a good laugh on a monday afternoon :)


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