Thursday, November 20, 2008

Klang Chaos

(Source: Star Metro)

Sorry for being too busy the past week to update my blog. I have been helping a friend who wants to build a factory in, you wont believe this, the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) in Pulau Indah. But I am glad I moved out of Klang and set up home in Kelana Jaya after I retired early about 10 years ago, especially after narrowly missing the havoc caused by the rain in Klang town yesterday.

There seems to be no end to the daily chaotic traffic nightmare in Klang. (Read the Star Metro online report, here). The new rerouting of traffic over the last two weeks is adding to the already utterly confusing and disorderly traffic situation caused by the ongoing construction works on a roundabout and a flyover in the town centre. This has also caused a number of fatal accidents. Having spent most of my life in Klang and suffering the never ending traffic problems there, I can understand the frustration felt by many Klangites.


  1. You are right about Klang. I was shocked at the irresponsible methodology allowed for the contractor to do the realigning of the routes in Klang.

    To close the flyover, and route traffic the way they are doing it right now is a violation of the rights of the people of Klang.

    Yet, the project was approved in 07, as usual without concern about the people, and the impact to the Rakyat.

  2. Hi Capt,
    It's literally a war zone from Jln Goh Hock Huat roundabout till the bridge and not counting the backflow at least 2km during peak hours.

    What boggles me is that the MPK don't use some common sense to ease the traffic jam.

    My suggestion would be to convert the Jln Goh Hock Huat roundabout to only straight traffic. The flyover is almost 60% shut with only 1 lane heading KL.

    For those from Jln Meru/Kapar who intend to go Klang/PKlang/Town will have to detour towards Eng Ang roundabout.

    This will ensure that the traffic will flow uninterruptly either direction.

    I've practically bypass the war zone and use Kesas to go to PKlang.

  3. Capt.Yusof, thanks for highlighting this. I know, I got caught about a year ago in it try to find a friend's house. Could not find my way and eventually return back to KL. How I wished I had a GPS at that time.

    This project was inherited from the previous BN government. Now the Pakatan had to get it done. I hope they give some thoughts of the user when deviating traffic. None want to be in such a situation.

    Have a nice day anyway. CU on the 29th.

  4. Mariner

    Being a frequenter to Klang I now use only the Shahpadu Highway or the By-pass or, come from the Kesas Highway. The Jambatan Kota area in Klang is absolutely out of bounds. To my regret I haven't been able to have my Klang Cendol for nearly a year now. *sigh*

    I'm too tired to rail against the idiots that run the MPK and JKR and the contractor, sub-contractor, engineers.......etc.

    Given the mess even Ronnie Liu + Charles Santiago + Tan Sri Khalid + DSAI cannot create the flyover faster. Don't even get me started on Khir Toyo...

  5. It certainly is not befitting a 'royal' township or bandar diraja. A royal screw up I think and I dont blame the Sultan if he prefers to stay in Shah Alam instead.

  6. Captain,
    There are takers for PKFZ? The project may not turn out to be a white elephant afterall. Just a costly project at the expense of the Rakyat.

  7. Capt,

    I am a born/bred Klangite.

    This is a one time pain Klangites will have to endure before Klang traffic flow can be well.

    I guess, all we can do is be abit more tolerant and patient to those who have been entrusted to see the job done.

    No point in cursing or cussing them, somebody has to get the dirty job done.

    In the meantime, all Klang road users - stay safe while on the roads !!

  8. The brain that went to construct the realignment in the middle of Klang is a REAL NO-BRAINER. Whatever is done would not solve the traffic jam! The most logical solution is to build the 3rd bridge across the river AWAY from the town centre first!. If this is the recommendation of JKR, then we can only say that, you have wasted our national educational resources!
    Capt., bless you for making the move to Subang; but many of us still love Klang if not for some donkeys who are paid and who are suppose to think on our behalf!


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