Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Massacre

I have vivid and happy memories of dinner dances at the ballroom of the Taj Mahal Hotel (photo) and many lunches and dinners at the Leopold Cafe in the Colaba district of Mumbai during my pre-sea cadet training ship days there more than 40 years ago. So it was with profound shock and horror that I read that both places were among a few which have been attacked by militant Islamist gunmen a couple of days ago, leaving many dead and wounded.

My blogger friend MarinaM has also written about this, here, pointing to an online petition started by an organisation called This is to register our sense of outrage and extend our undivided support and show solidarity with the people of Mumbai at their hour of grief.

To sign the petition, go here:

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  1. Read here first

    they're Pakistanis but pretended to be Malaysians.why is that?

    i'm sure most us know that India and Pakistan kinda "go rough" sometimes due to political tension and the battle to win over Kashmir.perhaps they posed as Malaysians because maybe Malaysians are well respected there.i dont know.

    i hope Malaysia image in the eyes of the world aren't tarnished because of this.

    by reading the article we know that the attack on Mumbai had been planned for a long time with consistent.

    i despise and totally not in support of this kind of move.mass murder in the name of religion is just ignorant.Islam is not the religion that supports mass murder.


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