Monday, November 03, 2008

Unanswered Questions

When a blogger cum lawyer friend SMS'd me the other day from the Shah Alam High Court that Abdul Razak Baginda has been freed from charges of abetment in the Altantuya murder case, I couldn't resist asking her: "Is this good news or bad news?". She must have been absolutely flabbergasted when she shot back: "Haven't the faintest idea!"

Whatever it is, questions remain. The acquittal will not help the rakyat trust the judiciary as the decision reflected the outcome in a string of SMS messages from the PM-in-waiting and his lawyer bum chum, which the former had insisted were private and did not constitute an abuse of power. "Be cool," he had said.

So Razak is now free. But is our judiciary free too?

Has justice been finally done and should the people just accept the verdict?

The two para-military cops facing charges of blowing up the Mongolian beauty with C4 explosives didnt know her from Eve and the motive is seriously lacking here. So who authorised her "neutralisation" and why?

It'll be an insult to our intelligence to suggest that they did it for fun.

Whatever happened to and where is private investigator Balasubramaniam who had suggested Najib himself had an affair with Altantuya, only to retract it the very next day and then disappear into thin air?

Questions, questions. Perhaps to put an end to all these, everyone involved should just do a sumpah laknat in a mosque and be done with it.

Now that'll be fun ... and "cool" too, baby.


  1. I am glad you are one of the sane people who finds the verdict questionable in some areas. We may ask but it shall fall on the deaf ears of the police and the judiciary.
    You know, like people say, 'speaking to a wall.'

  2. Dear AM -- it's like we just entered the dawning of a new nightmare REPRISE or REPRISAL!

    For a w'ile, paralysis set in,
    now I wonder who can set Right
    an entrenched Series of wrongs
    that sttarted with some human failures like greed, lust and wanderings into Iblis TERRORtry,
    wit' an Mongolian beauty strolling into the woods an uniwitting RedRidingHood.
    I can only whisper as I recover'd my wits,
    God bless NegaraKu,
    A: ...

  3. How come I dont feel suprised by the verdict,I am 88% sure most people are feeling the same.Think more Y than N if a poll is done.

  4. I so agree with this. Short, sharp and straight to the point.


  5. capt,

    you cant pin him down with the sort of evidence given to the court. question, why was the prosecution changed in the middle of the night? the shoddy job is part of the conspiracy too?
    where is Bala? dead man dont talk?
    whats the significane of the SMSes?
    Only the inner circle can answer?
    swearing wont just do, capt, like you indicated?

  6. Dear buddy,

    Its justice only when A R Baginda found guilty?

    Or, may I suggest its justice when only DS Najib implicated? Even though he is not standing for the trial?

    The justice will only be served when it served you and your kind, eh?

    I have expected that coming from you and your kind.

    Now the trial was about whether A R Baginda is guilty in participating in the killing. The Court have found not enough evidence in the charge.

  7. No legal or judicial verdict is ever free from human bias or judgement!

    The fact that it is argued on the basis of man-made technicalities in the law opens it to far-ranging interpretations - far from the scene of the original crime!

    The OJ Simpson trial in the US is a case in point!

    But the Almighty has a way of catching up with us although we may "sumpah laknat" in His House.

    Good God! Who knows who is "cool" and speaks the "truth" in this alam fana!

    "human truth" is but interpretation based on what each person considers relevant (see Sperber and Wilson 1986, RELEVANCE).

    We can argue about Razak Baginda and Altantuya till the cows come home and still not get at the "truth".

    But God will intervene later!

  8. October 6, 2008 2:18 PM
    wandererAUS said...
    UMNO fail to realize without their fingers twirling the globe, the world is still spinning.
    The juicy pie is too much to fore go, so, to make changes to the party is the least of their priorities.
    Abullah should come out swinging and damn his dis-tractors...after all, he is still a PM. If he has the courage, he must remove those rotten apples and stay on top. As a PM for Malaysia, he his is duty bound to see the nation not confronted with more uncertainties...UMNO do not have the birth right, to determine the future, for all Malaysians.

    URL -

  9. salam uncle...mmg dh jangka dh, razak tu akan lepas..bagai nk rak berbicara... hanya tuk melepaskn batuk di tangga je..keputusannya mmg telah ku rasa..razak baginda tk kena apa2.. biasala tu..
    saya cuma tk sabar2 je nk tau,biler la nk abis kes tu...

  10. Captain,
    If doing 'sumpah laknat' can absolve one of a crime, they will be doing it everyday since it is the immediate judgment which is their concern. They don't care if the judgment will be meted out in the next world.
    As long as one is in power, man made laws can be manipulated to suit ones need.

  11. capt,

    latest conspiracy circulating in market. two hooded clowns will be found guilty and sentenced to death to satisfy the international community. but, two stooges will be used as stand-in and these two clowns will have plastic surgery and given a new identity and loads of cash. so will be the mongolian father.
    all will end well and life carries on. there will be more similar arm deals in future but aint no more mongolian ladies in between. next time, probably some russian models. anybody?

  12. Let's see how far this farce can go.

    Don't get angry if foreigners look down on us. With a judicial system where judges are no better than merchants, where pay-for-your-preferred-verdict is the norm rather than exception, we have got this shit staining the glory of the nation for a while now.


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