Wednesday, November 05, 2008


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Americans yesterday elected Barack Hussein Obama II, a young African-American, as their first black president of the United States. The incumbent junior Democrat Senator from Illinois is expected to take office as the 44th President on January 20, 2009.

Congratulations to the American people who clearly voted for change.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reports, here, that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said the decisive victory signals a new chapter in the history of America. "The support that president-elect Obama draws from across racial, religious and generational lines parallels the sentiments felt by many Malaysians from all walks of life, who earlier this year cast votes in vehement opposition to the failed policies of an incumbent regime," he said in a statement.

At the end of his victory speech, Obama had said, "Yes We Can".

Malaysia Boleh?


  1. DearAncient Mariner,

    For Obama he has all the qualities of being the President.But,our chief opposition has the qualities of being a manipulator.

  2. Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is right. This win has triggered a great reaction here in Malaysia.

    Hopefully we can too!


  3. badawi in his usual denial style claimed that anyone can be the PM of Malaysia. Stop the bluffs.
    A lady cant even head a state agency because she is a non-malay. There will be no revamp of the judiciary so as to ensure a Malay will always be the CJ. if you dont believe ask one of the family members of Mahatir who also happen to be a senior UMNO member.
    Lets get real. As long as UMNO runs this country, Obama cant even head any of the GLCs, let alone the country. Ketuanan Melayu, isnt it?

  4. Malaysia is doomed. All the current stupid government UMNO policies made to make the RAKYAT stupid, hopeless, inferior, hatred.
    Malaysian can never changed as the minds of the RAKYATs has been conditioned & poisoned.
    The RAKYATS, Just like a chained elephant.It can never have the will to break-free the chain though it has the strengh to do so becos the mind has been conditioned. Poor Malaysians. Stop Dreaming !. Our soul has been sold to the UMNO goons by our forefathers a long time ago.

    We only could hope !. Pls set free our hope. Set free RPK ..

  5. Maybe we should all wear T-shirts proclaiming "Yes we can - get rid of ISA, Corruption, etc., etc...". Hmm, we've got so many things we want to get rid of we may have to wear very long T-shirts that come down to our shins.

  6. Dear Captain,

    Both Obama and McCain are equally capable leader in the world. It is in fact a very hard decision for American. Most people in the west prefer Obama over McCain simply because they believe Obama will bring the change to US and the rest of the world. On 7 Oct, Australia courier mail stated that 76% of the Aussie would prefer Obama to be the US president. We believe Americans are intelligent, they vote intelligently and professionally, I hope the rest of the world will follow the same, vote on the ability of the leader and not the colour skin of the leader.



  7. the blogger who compared Obama with DSAI for the tactic each had to use is not fair. If Obama were to be here, his tactic had to change too,otherwise kaput for him. Reason, the public in US would not accept the dirty tactics of the ruling party like what we have here.
    For all intent, Obama is a good leader but different circunstances will find different reactions to the issues. The truth is, many of our elected MPs would not have survive any kind of public election in the first place.


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