Saturday, May 23, 2009

Causeway to Remain

Prime minister Najib has proposed to his Singapore counterpart Lee Hsien Loong, a new 'straight' bridge to link Johor and Singapore in his first official visit to the island state. The bridge, which will be built on the eastern side of Johor, will be the third link between the two countries.

Najib said the third link will help bring development to the eastern side of Johor, in areas such as Pengerang and Desaru. This will also mean that the Causeway will remain as it is and the controversial crooked bridge will not be pursued further. Lee has even suggested that the Causeway be widened and the rail link improved to further ease traffic movement. Read the Malaysiakini report, here.

Read also my earlier posting: "Stupid Bridge", here.

This must surely come as a slap in the face of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir who has been pushing for a 'dog-leg' or crooked bridge to replace the Causeway. During the recent Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2009 (BUM 2009) dialogue in Subang Jaya, he had wisecracked that 'everyone' in Johor Baru wants his crooked bridge except for former minister Shahrir Samad.

I didnt think it was funny. I also thought that it was bloody presumptuous of him and most unfair to Shahrir, a long time Member of Parliament for JB who should be in a better position to gauge the opinions of his constituents.

Lets hope that this is going to be the last time that we will hear of the stupid bridge, but I am not taking any bets here.


  1. Capt. The Second link is underutilized. The should make all traffic except the lorry to go via the Second Link and at the same time stop charging toll on the road to the Second Link. By that more cars would use the second link. By that a township would develop at the Second Link. Instead of using the money to replaced the Causeway and built a third bridge, the money should be spend to redevelop JB into a modern city like that of Singapore.

    Have a nice day.

  2. it's time for us to do some soul searching

    for some dog years now LKY & Co held us ransom; always have the upper hand on all bilateral issues (all, period); go check yourself, the ONLY thing that we had full control of is the SAND (only thing, period)


    hate to say this - the one with upper hand usually is "bigger" than the other, don't depend on the other, can do considerable damage to the other; or can do considerable favour to the other

    what the..?

    singapore "bigger" than us

    how could it be?

    now you can start the soul searching..

  3. As a Johorean, I am truly insulted by your irresponsible depiction of the Johor Bridge as a stupid bridge. As someone who demands decency from commentators, you should not resort to such condescending language. It is truly unbecoming for someone of your late age.

    Your postings shows you have absolutely NO idea of the sentiment and feeling of Johorean for the bridge. The basis of your arguments are shallow and uninformed and if I may return your "compliment", your own stupidity of the issue.

    Dr Mahathir has expressed the sentiment of the Johorean well. The sentiment for the bridge is overwhelming and has been expressed by the various Johor Chinese Chambers, Malay organisations and youth groups. If this comes as a surprise because you met a few renegades opposing the bridge, then it just shows you have no idea what is going on in Johor.

    Truly, the only Johorean openly vocal against the bridge are only Muse, his protégé Shahrir, Shahrir's protégé Khalid and few naïve simpleton.

    The idea of the bridge came about from Johorean. Shahrir was a party to that closed door meeting at Hyatt that mooted that idea. Gani Osman chaired the meeting when he first became MB in mid 90s. Shahrir changed his stance out of his consumed hatred for Dr Mahathir without consideration for the interest of the people he represents.

    I hope you are clever enough not to be fooled by these Musa breed of politicians who have been rejected and deemed traitor by his own home state.

    It would be utter childish for you to oppose the bridge and motivated by an adolescent impulse to defend your MCKK school chum. Shahrir who talks a lot and yet failed terribly in his short return to Ministership!

  4. I guess, I am one of the `few' naive simpletons that True Blue Johorean say is in the minority. I oppose the building of that crooked bridge.

  5. Let us see who's gonna be getting the contract and the subcontracts for this Third Link...

    That Crooked Bridge was one of Tun M's ideas to get back at Singapore, without thinking about the consequences of it. I think he'll make his move soon...

  6. If the 3rd Bridge is built it will definitely benefit Johore MORE than S'pore. Why? Eastern Johore they have Kota Tinggi Waterfalls, Desaru Beaches, P Tioman and other nice sandy beaches which S'poreans like to enjoy. Eastern part of S'pore are mostly residential area.
    The bottlenecks at the Causeway are MAINLY caused by the LORRIES! Everyday Malaysia export Perisable goods[fruits, vegetables,etc], bricks, wood products/furniture, etc to S'pore. Every morning and early afternoon another EXTRA Lane is provided for Lorries to Johore. Why? Because the Tanjung Puteri Cargo Complex close in the evening at a certain time. If only they are open 24hr.

    If it is MANDATORY[Compulsory] for ALL Lorries to use the 2nd Link then the Causeway will still be manageable for some more years.

    Eventually either both countries have to agree to expand the Causeway or build a proper straight bridge/underground tunnel[like Dover in England to Calais in France.

  7. another true blue johorean... the sultan johor.

    for the rest of you non johorean.. stfu

  8. jbmali,

    The sultans's ancestors sold Singapore to the British for peanuts and a Johor asst. state secretary gave away Pulau Batu Putih for free!

    So maybe you true blue johorians should learn to STFU.


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