Thursday, May 14, 2009

Perak: Let's Go Back to the People

You will agree with me that this business in Perak is getting a bit tiresome.

What boggles the mind is the foot dragging by the Perak royalty to dissolve the state assembly after repeated calls by many parties which now include Suhakam, Bar Council, Gerakan, MCA, Ku Li and the Senate president among others.

Even former PM Tun Dr Mahathir has said that the Sultan's role in the BN hasty takeover of the state was certainly not par for the course. And the Tun should know, for he was the man behind the many changes in the Federal Constitution affecting the Rulers' functions and responsibilities some years ago.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reports, here, that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has challenged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to hold a snap elections in Perak to solve the political crisis in the state.

"I want to ask why he is afraid of holding an elections?" he told the some 3,000 people who packed the Civic Centre Hall in Petaling Jaya last night.

Why, indeed.

(Costs? RM12 billion of taxpayers money is going down the drain at the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) and you want to talk about costs?)


  1. The answer is simple..Najib doesn't want to lose. He knows Perakians are annoyed of him and BN and he knows he's going to lose big. But he's alone. If you notice he's the only one that denies the assembly to dissolve despite everybody suggesting it as the only remedy for the time being.Let's see how far this man can stand, let's see if he's truly the leader as he preaches "rakyat didahulukan"..let's see if he's willing to sacrifice his greed over the rakyat. Let's see.

  2. Yup! Throwing away 12B RM in PKFZ and talk of small money for election. Penny wise pound foolish.

    Why are they still dragging their feet on the PKFZ report. Blame the auditor. Blame the directors. Blame the dogs in Pulau Ketam. Blame the thief in Johore who stole the minister's bag. Keep finding somebody to blame. Anything but to keep the truths from the people.

  3. Captain,
    Don't blame the Royalty for not consenting to a snap election, they have to wait for the signal from the PM.
    Cost is actually no object as the gaming tycoon alone can foot the election bill since he was purported to have paid Hee Haw a stupendous RM25M to defect. The election can be done at a much lower cost since no more campaigning is needed. The voters have already decided on who to vote.
    There is no need to deploy the whole police force to ensure peace as long as Bee End don't instigate trouble makers from making trouble to prevent an imminent election defeat.

  4. Capt,
    we all know who is behind all this fiasco.
    Zambry would not have acted the way he did if he does not have the backing and instruction from you know who.
    the way the court of appeal hand the case at super speed ought to tell us something.
    Just hope time would speed up and we can all go to the poll again to vote them out. Enough being make a fool by those BN already.

  5. It doesn't matter any more who wins or who loses should a snap elections be called in Perak!

    The government formed by either side would be flawed and manned by less than qualified ADUN.
    The credibility of both PR and BN is questionable seeing how badly each side has handled the Perak fiasco.

    What can be immediately implemented while waiting for the court's decision is to round up the ADUNs and conduct a well-structured course on ethics and decorum as well on language, discourse and culture.

    At least they would be equipping themselves with the relevant knowledge and skills for their work as the people's servants!

  6. Captain,

    Majority of Rakyat have lost patient and tiresome over the Perak fiasco !! Why Sultan Perak dragging his feet for so long not agreeing to state election ???

    The rakyat are the one who suffer, not UMNO/BN, not PR and certainly not the royal household.

    Is it too much to ask for ????


  7. Who is judge Ramli Ali, the judge that gave Zambry an stay within 3 hours?

    Well, he is a Lingam appointed judge. A former Chief Registrar of the courts. When Lingam was talking to the disgraced Fairuz on how they were to manipulate the judiciary and appoint their cronies into the bench, Lingam said that Ramli was among the three preferred to be appointed by him. The other two were Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusuf, a former Solicitor-General and Datuk Ahmad Maarop, a former commissioner of Law Revision. They were appointed as directed by Lingam and agreed upon by Vincent Tan and Mahathir on February 1. 2002.
    Dear Malaysians, that's the man who gave a ridiculous stay to Zambry within 3 hours. Oh, by the way, Mohd Nizar needs to wait for about 6 days for his appeal to be heard. 1BlackMalaysia. Performance for Umno now. Malaysia later.

    P.s Refer to the Lingam tape for verification. (Also read Jeffooi's blog)

  8. Why does the Sultan not dissolve the state assembly? Simple.

    The first Agong, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, had this to say to a rather agitated British minister who had asked for the First Malaysian Prime Minister to be sacked:

    “My dear Sir, in this country, it is not the King who sacks the Prime Minister but the Prime Minster who sacks the King.”

    The Royal Museum in the Silver State, so I am told, was constructed without using any nails. But I bet the royal household is built on a solid foundation and healthy respect for its self-reservation.

  9. The longer the crisis,
    the deeper the nails will go into Barisan Nazi's coffin. They should keep alienating the Rakyat as usual.

    *Mob cleaning his handitools, especialy the hammer.

  10. What to do lah, Capt.,
    We still have to "old Man" pulling the strings on the puppets of Umno. We can go on cursing the world, Umno, the sun and moon or even the blue whales - but as long as our mindless bureaucrats we call leaders and the ignoramuses on the street (and the blogs) still worship their God in that perverted old man, hope is all we can hope for.

    Until and unless Umno can accept that he is a has been, Malaysia is doomed to the cesspool of failed states. His heart (or maybe even his kidneys) are failing, and it shows on his bloated face. At the most he has a year - Isn't it time for this geriatric to move on and consider the afterlife?

    But no .... Now he wants to be the top dog of the blogging world also, and wishes to talk commemorating Press Freedom Day at Bum!!
    If that isn't an insult to press freedom, I really don't know what is ....

    The saddest part of it all is the fact that there people who are willing to pay good money to hear this perverted old man speaking!!!

  11. By the way how does YAA Tun Dr. M know that the people are fed up of elections. And the main stream media is givng credence to such drivel.Ramalx

  12. Actually this whole thing cost a lot more than it is to have a snap election for the entire state.
    It is not that expensive to have election/s.
    It became expensive when the bn are doing "Buy Election" , but then it no longer viable to buy any election/s at all.
    Now it is cheaper for the bn to buy over some ADUNs .
    We can ignore the calls from gerakan and mca, as they are part of the problem.


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