Thursday, May 21, 2009

PKFZ: Cabinet to Decide

And I thought it has already been decided by the previous cabinet to make the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) audit report on the RM12 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) fiasco available in its entirety to the general public!

Unless of course this is going to be just another merry here we go round the mulberry bush.

News reports has it that transport minister Ong Tee Kiat seems to be the only government official who is adamant that the report is made public without any more delays. If this is true, then I will have to take back everything I have said about him.

Minister Ong, I do humbly beg to apologise.

The Klang Port Authority (KPA) board meets this morning to deliberate on general manager Lim Thean Shiang 's sudden resignation. Rumour has it that Lim has gone to meet Najib to retract his letter but Ong, who has accepted Lim's resignation last week has already appointed 2 new GMs to fill in both the KPA and PKFZ posts.

Meanwhile, the rakyat waits and waits ...


  1. Will the PwC report be released? This is the 12B RM question. In any country, if a minister promised to release a report and he did not, he is expected to do the honourable political thing. Sheesh. In Malaysia, he just keeping going.

    Secondly, where the heck is the chairman of PKA. He should explain to the public, why he did not do his job. Again, a person of no honour.

    Third. If the rumour that he went to Najib to retract his letter of resignation, then I am suspicious of him. No ordinary GM of PKA would be able to go the PM and say "Please, Sir,can I have my letter of resignation. I changed my mine". Like the wise chinese saying, this man is not simple. Shall we say he is a party hack and maybe more.

    Lastly, no to mention the dishonourable names inside that report.

    This is the band of dishonourable men and woman who formed the Pirates of Port Klan.

  2. given the names involved, i bet my good ringgit that the report will be "blacked-out" like shit, if ever it made the daylight..

  3. Hmmmm... KPA = Klan of Pirates Anonymous

  4. The cabinet meeting has come and gone. No one has hang himself or herself yet. Nothing seem to moving in Denmark, though we know there is deed most foul in Denmark.

  5. Malaysian will be waiting till all the fishes could walk on land before those report comes out. From 1B initial cost until now it spiraled to 12B, it's such an extraordinary evolution. Only in Malaysia that something intangible would increase in cost year after year or should I say something imaginary?

  6. There is an ex-president who supposedly committed suicide by jumping off a mountain, to atone for his "making too many people suffer:.

    We have yet to see anybody from the PKFZ scandal jump off Mount Kinabalu or even hung from a tree.
    Where is the shame?

  7. Dear Captain. I think you apologise to soon. The silence is so astounding. No squeak from the Minster, the court jest Lee Hwa Beng and why, even the x-GM of PKA is quiet as a dead mouse.

    We have a bunch of crooks to hang. They are playing procrastination.


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