Friday, May 08, 2009

The One

My old buddy and former shipmate Capt. Jimmy Shroff in Mumbai wrote me about the implications of a belief in the reality of the One. Jimmy belongs to the small ethnic Parsi community in India and is a devout follower of the ancient Persian religion of Zoroaster. He wrote:

A central theme of most religions and most science is UNITY.

Religion names the unity as God or rather when we speak of the Unit in religious tones, we name the unit God. When the shy scientists disclose their passion they define their belief as the unity of forces.

What if this idea is true?
If there is just One, let us list the possible implications of a belief in the reality of the One, even if some of the implications appear astounding to us..


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  1. My 2 cents worth Captain to mull on!

    The concept of THE ONE is what Hinduism is all about.

    Hindus call it 'Advaita' meaning non-duality and that concept is over 5,000 years old. To embrace this belief you neither need to convert nor go through any rituals, and unlike Hotel California, you can check-out anytime you like.

    Advaita or non-duality is used because no one has a clue what The One looks like or is made up of and if infinite and eternity have any limits(in human language we say limitless; but that's because we don't know any better). It also means there is no separate God from the Universe. They are both 1.

    But when we begin to talk about 'God-stuff' we don't know what we are talking about, having no objective yardstick by which to identify it or the materials it is composed of! It's like a bacterium trying to get a picture of an elephant as a whole by talking about trunk, tail and pillar-like leg!

    Even electrons are made up of a zoo of smaller particles like leptons, muons, tauons and quarks. Electrons themselves seem to exist in a dual state of probabilities, sometimes as waves and sometimes or particles, a conundrum that has not been resolved despite the stellar work of Einstein, Planck, Shroedinger, Dirac, Bohr etc. Thus the mystery deepens.

    The idea of THE ONE seems logical from a 'cause and effect' analysis. But who can really argue against a hypothesis that in the beginning there were 2, 3,4 5 or even more given the size of the Universe and the diversity that exists in it or why we have GOOD and EVIL side by side?

    When faced with all these confusing philosophies
    many therefore prefer to narrow it down to 1 faith and 1 Holy Book.

  2. Dear Captain,

    It is good to see you respond positively to the concept of Oneness. Lesser souls would have recoiled in revulsion and gone away to ritually cleanse themselves.

    Al Qur'an clearly states that all peoples have received a messenger and that only some of these messengers were known to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Some of these messengers received the revelation from an external visitation such as the Archangel Gabriel while others delved within themselves to discover their true nature and thereby learned about reality.

    All truths come from the same source. The appearance of difference is because of layers of ritual obscuring the core. Peel away from every religion that which makes it look different from the others and you will be left with the core truth. And then it will be clear that all are in fact the same.

    But it is important to go back to the original message of a religion. Secondary texts must be part of the discarding.



  3. All believers are but brethrens.Hence, [whenever they are at odds,] make peace between your brethren, and remain conscious of God, so that you might be graced with His mercy.

    AL - HUJURAT (10)

  4. Jimmy,
    This is Bansal, if U remember, I spoke about whether God made man or was it the other way around, and Smarty had remarked my declamation as "too haevy for the candidate".

    Its still the same today. A coackroach cant be taught how to make a nuclear reactor, OK.

    All religions start with " God is one ", the rest is Politics - and U know what that means

    Read "Ishavasya Upnishad" - Dr.Radhakrishnan,
    'Isha vasyam idam sarvam ...'
    i.e., 'I reside in all...'

    TRY TO FIGURE OUT THE VIRAT ROOP OF KRISHNA in the Bhagvad Gita or the state of NIRVANA of Buddha. They all emphasise the ONE in ALL, or if you like ALL IN ONE.

    Dont wrack your Brains, we are indeed all ONE, nothing proves it more than the Training on the TS Dufferin. Or for that matter your entire sea life.

    The "theory of everything" which all scientists are looking for HAS to Begin And End with ONE. Scientists want repetition to prove the 'facts', nature provides new viewers
    and hence new viewpoints each time you 'see' a phenomenon. Hence the MAYA.

    ALL that APPEARS ( to all our senses ) is MAYA
    (that which is not) cause it is just as limited as our senses.

    Capt R Bansal

    koaham - who am I
    soaham - that same am I

    Let the journey begin, (or end)
    It still remains in the ONE - your UNITY - as you asked.

    Bi 4 now


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