Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Yellow Wave

Yesterday afternoon I was part of a 40,000 strong rally of the people, many dressed in yellow, who marched to the palace in the rain to hand a memorandum to the King to demand free and fair elections. I had started early by LRT to Pasar Seni to meet fellow bloggers. There were all there, young and old, makciks and pakciks with walking sticks and even the handicapped in wheelchairs who were not at all intimidated by the presence of thousands of riot police in battle gear and equipped with water cannons and helicopters circling above.

It was a very peaceful march and the only violent incidents I hear occurred near Masjid Jamek where dozens were tear gassed and pepper sprayed by the police, including foreign journalists covering the event. A number of people have been arrested. (Read fellow bloggers' take on the march here, here and here.)

It was basically a case of the rakyat exercising their right to freedom of assembly to petition their sovereign and a lame duck prime minister trying his damnedest to stop them. Sheeesh.

(Above photo with blogger Anu Radha a.k.a. Galadriel, who upon noticing the letters 'KL' on my cap promptly dubbed me 'Kepala Lanun"...!)

P.S: To "Melayu Lelaki" who has been trying to rile me for the last couple of days: Go get a life. I wonder if your mother knows what you do for a living.


  1. YA, gad that you & the crowd made it to the Istana safely. I and many others were stuck at the Sg Besi tol for many hours.

    I guess those stuck at the many roads leading to KL contributed in paralyzing the traffic flow to KL.

  2. I too couldn't find a way to paint it yellow. I went to rocky's, mob 1900 etc and in the browser you can go to >View > Source but all these html gooblydegook confused me. But I managed to make the sides yellow! Please don't ask me how, I damn near lost my whole blog template...

    Aah, too bad couldn't be there... Kepala Lanun, eh 'Bang?

  3. Hi Captain,

    You're fast in having the first bloggers view account of the rally! Must have been the sea legs you're having :D Anyhow, I've got our account as well but I was with Eric all the way while we got split up.


  4. Yesterday, the 10th November 2007, was an truly historic day for Malaysia.
    Overcoming oppression, intimidation, threats, tear gas, chemical sprays, water cannon,
    the heroic people have 'spoken' loud and clear.
    The winds of change are blowing ever stronger, the momentum is increasing and can soon effect change for the better though peaceful and genuinely democratic means.
    Free and fair elections are needed to ensure that the voters choice is victorious.

  5. take it easy capt yusof. just delete this guy's posting and move on. energy is needed for other worthy missions and lets not waste it on some morons who are probably paid to do the job by you know who.
    best wishes, capt and keep up the good fight.

  6. Good to see you, Galadriel, and the rest there yesterday Kepala Lanun! You put it right. We were there exercising our right to have a peaceful assembly. And we did have a peaceful march despite attempts by the Kera Jantan and Co to spoil the party.

  7. Salam Captain,

    'Kepala Lanun' cruel! lol! Bet now blackbeard has a new challenger eh! :)

  8. capt

    your account, there were 40,000 yellowmen there. STAR paper put it at 4,000 humans. big gap isnt it? let me said that your number is more believeable. simple, the paper has lost all credibility. After 20 years of support, I am dumping the paper just as I boycott the nasty pee because of the unfair suit against rocky and jeff ooi.
    HERE I COME "THE SUN", Nades and gang please have the balls to stand up against state propaganda.

  9. capt., i truely agreed with our friend who threw away 'The STAR', i did the same and save me $9.00 per week. The craps that editorial bloke tried to pen, sheer bulls! capt., i'm saving for our cuppa which had already increased by 10 cents, even at our shed. No wander my next door neighbor told me that he had stopped drinking any drink in any eating shop for a while now.
    This is the story of the poor Malaysians who have to spend wisely becos they have no contract to 'pile on'!

  10. Aiyo Captain, I didn't realise this. You were a Georgian too? Dang!!!!
    So was I. Much we cud hav discussed abt our alma mater.
    But I went to the secondary one.
    u went to MCKK eh?

  11. Captain,
    I salute you for being there as one of the brave Malaysians who dare to face all eventualities to show the donkeys in the government that its time for them to change their ways.

  12. Yes, the Star has lost what little shine it had, and the NST and MM have not been worth reading for ages.
    These rags can be checked for stupid news via the Internet.
    Save your money, the Sun is the best buy of a bad bunch.
    Read the news from credible sources on line.
    Farewell mainstream Malaysian media.

  13. Thanks for the photos, Capt.

    And as great minds think alike, Lady G got star billing at both our blogs.

    Still can't forget the traffic cop who showed us the finger and pointed out the shorter route near the Istana. Priceless.

    Next hold the brolly, eh Capt.

  14. hi capt

    kit siang has a great recent article on the Port Klang fiasco. well dissected by kit siang and the whole deal smells rotten to the core. CKC can bullshit about job creations and investment but the real issue is about abuse and corruption. if i were CKC, i will tender my resignation with immediate effect and enjoy my last leg of my life in the land of DOWNUNDER. I will never forgive myself for being a party to this RM4.7 billion theft which more than wipe off the savings of RM4.0 billion from increase in petrol price! and how many poor souls have to suffer from higher inflation arising from the increase in petrol prices? CKC, wake up and look at the mirror and let me say you cant justify your actions coz this is continuation of a scandal which is started by your predecessor.

  15. i'm so damn proud of u guys and gals.totally make my day

  16. now to hear first-hand story from you, rocky, tony and other lads and lasses.

  17. Thanks for your interesting account of the Bersih rally.

    I am compiling a list of detail commentaries so that people who are searching for them can easily find them. I hope you don't mind if I use a couple of quotes from your blog for this list.
    The compilation of the BERSIH blogs can be found here:

  18. I see you in red. You are most welcome to join my Gelombang Merah hari Jumaat with me tomorrow?

  19. A Voice;

    You're on.

    "saya pantang dicabar". heh heh


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