Saturday, January 19, 2008

"I don't remember"

(Source: the Star)

His 'mad' or 'drunk' lawyer had access to state secrets and when asked about events which took place only a few years ago, our former prime minister chose to do a Ronald Reagan: I don't remember.

How bloody convenient.

And when asked about his holiday jaunt in New Zealand with the same lawyer he has identified only as an 'acquaintance', a former Chief Justice also had the same stock answer: I don't remember.

One gets to wonder whether this "selective amnesia" business is set to become a national affliction. But hopefully, justice will yet prevail. Who would have thought that a seemingly innocent video taping by a client of a dinner meeting at his lawyer's home a few years ago would bring this whole stinking episode to light? Heck, he could have made a lot of money out of the tape. So this must be divine intervention. There's no two ways about it and you'd better believe it.


  1. Some are "mad" or "drunk" while others maybe "old" and "senile". Either way, all seems too convenient. But in the after world, everyone will have to remember because it is not the mouth that will do the talking.


  3. The other stock standard answer they could use is 'Saya tak tahu, saya sedang tunggu lapuran'. Does that sound familiar?

  4. by their behaviour and (mis)demeanour, they are hell as guilty as charged.
    what a load of rubbish from this eusoff fella. no wonder, he is gonna engage a lawyer before proceeding further with his testimony.

  5. Lots of devious answers to the question posed at the RCI.

    How disgraceful.

    Maybe the RCI Panel and the lawyers better give the Answers and let the witnesses supply the Questions!
    Beer Is the Answer...I Don't Remember the Question.

  6. Oh Capt my Capt!

    Are we fast-forwarding to become an American-like society? How open is open? I just read the NST today (jan 23 - borrowed copy lah..mana ada beli lagi!) columnist wrote about this and he make sense I think! Anyway, you believe the former PM when he said I don't remember? Maybe some things are best left unsaid...we are no angles too! tq


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