Friday, January 04, 2008

When honesty may not have been the best policy

(Source: the Star)

Poor Dr. Chua Soi Lek. He gambled and lost. Instead of waiting for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to determine the authenticity of the DVDs of his sexual indiscretions, the former Minister of Health quickly owned up and vowed to carry on as usual. But he didnt reckon with the Malaysian public playing the high moral ground or having a 'holier-than-thou attitude' and was forced to resign barely 24 hours later. Sheeesh.

I laughed aloud when I saw the seemingly innocent faces of the Malaysian Chinese Association's (MCA) 'all the president's men' in above photo from yesterday's MCA owned Star newspaper, which had gone to town with the story. Although they had all condemned 'the DVD culprits', it is pretty easy enough for anyone to conclude that any one or more of them could have have plotted Chua's downfall. It couldn't have been the KGB or New York mafia.

Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang in his blog yesterday (read here) has again picked on transport minister Chan Kong Choy whom he said must emulate Chua and resign over the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, the largest financial scandal in the four-year Pak Lah administration and even bigger than the RM2.5 billion Bumiputra Malaysia Finance (BMF) scandal in the early eighties. Lim has also repeated his call for another Royal Commission of Inquiry, but I fear this may just fall on deaf ears. Both Chan and his immediate predecessor Ling Liong Sik must have been emboldened by the fact that a 'big brother' who was also very much involved in the fiasco and have been playing dumb all this while, is solidly behind them: UMNO.

The rakyat will be paying heavily for these 'indiscretions'. We are being screwed big time and we are not even all consenting adults either.


  1. The Privacy International 2007 Report said:
    MALAYSIA SCORED 1.3 out of 5
    Scores between: 1.1-1.5 = Endemic Surveillance Societies
    Malaysia's negative points:
    •No right to privacy in constitution
    •No comprehensive privacy law
    •Controversial internal security act allows for extensive police powers
    •Interception authorised by attorney general
    •Extensive use of identification scheme, mykad
    •Plan to implement citizen data hub across government departments, developed by oracle corporation, including individuals background, education, and health records
    •Biometric system monitors foreigners in the country
    •Extensive use of Closed Circuit TV with no privacy safeguards

    How true the above mentioned report was, even the former Health Minister was not spared
    "The extensive use of CCTV with no privacy safeguards"
    The score should be reduced from 1.3, how about 0.3?

    The rest of us haven't got a cat in hell's chance of
    escaping the eyes of "Big Brother"
    This being the case, better put on a good show of dissatisfaction and dissent.

  2. it is a unholy trinity;umno, mca and the fella from sarawak to rape and plunder the country's resources. no excuse fo dr chua but his misjudgement and indiscretion will not make the country suffer. but the unholy trinity will with billions lost;money that could be used as a saftey net for the thousands of poor and marginalsied malaysians.
    but in this bolehland, the importance is solely determined by the powers-that-be and that to line up their pockets.

  3. We, the rakyat has NEVER judge the Doc, even if we want to. Instead he was send down from grace by its very own party.

    He was forced to resign by his own party, not by the rakyat. The luxury of doing so is not with us as much as we would like to believe.

    No leaders in B.Notorious has been dropped by people's power or popular demand, as our views NEVER matters to these Elites. The Doc has just lost in a simple political manuever.

    The real losers are the rakyat, us, everytime these politikus cross swords.

  4. To the commentators above: well said.

    The rakyat has paid and will continue to pay for their follies. Perhaps this is our fate. Or perhaps this is just the natural course of things.

  5. I cannot help but feel from the BN's handling of the Chua Soi Lek affair that the parties official party line is:
    it's alright to screw the millions; i.e. the Rakyat, (as is the case with the PKFZ) and we will can cry rape for all we want, but...
    it's not alright to screw another consulting adult when the said consenting adult isn't the spouse.
    Sheesh..., some great moral high ground!


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