Monday, January 28, 2008

No Buy, No Lies

The People’s Parliament committee for Hartal-MSM, of which I am a member, held a press conference (PC) at the Blog House in Damansara this morning to launch a civil society initiative to boycott the mainstream media (MSM). It was well attended by the MSM, other print media and well-wishers. (Read reports of the PC by Malaysiakini , here, and Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored, here).

This initiative was born out of a genuine concern in society over how news reported by the MSM did not always tally with facts. For a start, we are advocating a 'Newspaper Free Tuesday'. (For more details on the PC and the media statement, go to the People's Parliament website, here.)

Watch the video recording of the PC here:

Hartal-MSM has also started a ‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ online petition. The petition can be accessed and signed online at:


  1. I will not miss the news in MSM but I will miss rolling up something to swat flies or errant offsprings.

  2. one little siggestion. daily reporting of msm lies and deceits and send to all registered mails. btw, be contacting for some T_shirts.
    bull, i have stop buying the "authorities paper" STAR for the past weeks. and to the Wongs, please dont be a hypocrite and attending weekend spiritual sessions wont absolve your hypocrisy.

  3. I have abstained from buying the mainstream printed media for some months, and have never watched or listened to RTM for aeons.
    Lies, twisted facts, propaganda, misinterpretation and bullshit is news I do not want.
    Paying to be lied to adds insult to the injury.
    Good luck with the boycott.

  4. i haven't bought dailies for quite some time. only bought sunday times for its car review, focus,people and comics. other than that more about general knowledge articles from paddy bowie,elizabeth cardosa, panglima sauk. enjoyed rocky's bru artcles then, so do johan bags of marbles(where is johan?) very sad about the integrity and truthfulness.

    look up for my ship's drydocking in

  5. capt, i had done it for a while and happily enjoying my extra cuppa of teh-si!! Start off with the media and evetually with plenty more; especially those who cohorts who gang up with crooks who screw up the country!! People power can be achieved! But it will take time, all must be patient and be persevere! well done.


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