Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Treachery, unlimited

During my early morning brisk walk yesterday, I bumped into the MP from Kepong who is also the vice chairman of the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC). I asked him when will PAC get the Attorney General to explain why the Klang Port Authority ignored his (the AG's) recommendations regarding the purchase of land for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ). The YB told me that he now has a sneaking suspicion that chairman Shahrir Samad never really had any intention to summon the AG, despite his seeming bravado and posturing in the past, perhaps just to toe the party line.

Now that the general elections is around the corner and what with the intense lobbying and backstabbing amongst the hopefuls and the incumbents, I suppose a lot of these 'sensitive' matters will now be swept under the carpet. Yesterday's the Star weekly maritime supplement, for example, highlighted and glossed over the current developments in PKFZ (read about it, here). But the question that I have been frothing at the mouth asking all this while still remains unanswered: Whatever happened to all the money? I hear rentals and leases are now going as low as 15 sen per sq foot per month which I believe will not even be enough to pay salaries, let alone to pay back a RM4.6 billion 'soft' loan.

Our mainly God fearing rakyat must be told that it is a major sin to return corrupt politicians to power, somewhat akin to bersubahat or becoming accessories after the fact. But perhaps there is still hope yet, maybe a divine intervention, as cracks begin to appear in the solid Barisan Nasional wall. (Someone tells me even Sammy Vellu is now in India to mantram and pray for his own political survival.) Hopefully more young politicians will now have the balls to break ranks and speak up with their conscience without fear or favour. Surely they who thrive on treachery and conspiracy must reap what they sow.


  1. Captain,
    Tan Sri James Afred, PKFZ Director is trying to woo local investors to PKFZ. That's what he said in the Star Maritime of 7th Jan 2008. He denied that PKFZ was deemed a loss-making entity due to its assumed cost overruns. His contention? "Cos at the end of the day the 1000 acre land still belongs to the Government".
    After spending RM4.6 billion that is all that PKFZ will return to the government?
    Ain't people like him that is pulling wool over the people's eyes?

  2. We all know a million is 1,000,000.

    So one million is 1 followed by 6 zeroes.

    A billion is 1,000 million in the USA , that is 1,000,000,000.
    So one USA billion is 1 followed by 9 zeroes.

    A non USA billion is one million million, that is 1,000,000,000,000 so a billion is 1 followed by 12 zeroes.

    Does any one know what type of billion is referred to in the infamous PKFZ RM 4.6 billion soft loan?

  3. Another wrong that will never be put right. Let's spin this thing until the rakyat forgets. What's 4 bill anyway? It's just numbers.

    Why am I losing faith?

  4. self-sustained based on 80% occupancy rate. assuming even it hits 100% and if the 15 cents per sq ft is true, we all taxpayers can kiss goodbye to the 4.7 billion bail-out. no way, at this rental rate can there be suficient cash flow to repay the loan
    by the way, Tan Sri Alfred, gave us some concrete numbers and not flimsy generalisation on occupancy rate and investment or job creations as the Transport Minister. Lets not even talk about abuse of power by issuing the guarantees without cabinet approval. In other words, Tan Sri stop bullshitting to the people.

  5. capt., can you please do some digging and give us some background of this 'EXPERT' who came out with SAMI Value logic that afterall the land still belongs to the Goverment!! A..H.. likes this is plentiful in Malaysia; just like the block who used to be DSAI's tennis partner, now trying to hit back at his former boss. Character likes this, if you happen to meet, you would know what to do; even given an oprion with the slimy one.

  6. Capt,

    The infamous CSL DVD popped up recently.

    With the run-up to the GE, you'll never know if the MOT letters will pop up too. Preferably, in your 'in-box', sent by a kind soul who's divinely intervened.

    Better here than in the hands of a former DPM.

  7. SHAR 101

    if the MOT pops up, the OSA will be used to cover it up. heard in the street, the billions from this scandal are needed by the corrupt BN for forthcoming election. of course, substantial amount will also be leaked to line up individual's pockets.

  8. They protect each other, as all of them are,in some way or other, tainted with corruption and abuse of power.None have an honest bone in them.They consider it their birth right to plunder the country's wealth .

    With huge war chest in their possession, it would be near impossible to dethrone them, but it is not impossible to deny them 2/3 majority.Malaysians should wake up to the reality that no government in the future should be given 2/3 majority.Doing so, we are giving them a blank cheque too screw the nation.

  9. Captain....I like what I see above in this box. You really mean business. Guys you have not seen sailors get angry have you.....they make you walk the plank....if you dig this sailor lingo.

    Captain....sometime ago I volunteered tht you are the man to start a petition. Until we get numbers, we are talking to a wall....forget the PACk. Its CYA big time. Do it lah captain and we will give you all the logistical, moral and physical support. Promise you that and a single (minus water) to satiate your frustration.

  10. Capt,

    Please read up on this link -


    Scroll down to the part about Ernst & Young's audit report to Jafza where it is mentioned that 'tax evasion' proposals were mooted during their meetings.

    The GE is coming, bro. Let's tighten the noose.

  11. Let's all join the voyage
    and crew with Captain Yusof & Zorro
    Assisting to ensure that
    the petition will persist.
    Signatures by the multiple K,
    then we will be well on the way.
    What do you say?
    Sign on the trip, don't miss the ship!

  12. Shahrir ... so much for going to big school with big dreams and heart.

    Behaving like a weasel, depan lain belakang lain.


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