Saturday, January 26, 2008

Strange Bedfellows

(Er ... looks like me ... looks like him ..)

Well, the occasion was last night's 23rd anniversary gala dinner of the Institut Kelautan Malaysia (IKMAL) at the Vintage Ballroom of the Subang Holiday Villa, where transport minister Chan Kong Choy was made an Honorary Fellow of the Institute. The award was supposedly in recognition of his so-called "outstanding contributions" to the Malaysian maritime industry.

Suffice it to say that I wasn't exactly thrilled to bits about this either.

Buek habih boreh ajo ...


  1. I agree with you Captian Yusof.
    Don't suppose that the so called "outstanding contributions" were listed for posterity, were they?

    To list them one and all,
    A gnats wing may have been too big.
    Said contributions being so small

    Talking about insects, here is a wee verse fra Rabbie Burns,an observation most suitable to be dedicated to IKMAL

    Epigram—The Toad-eater

    OF Lordly acquaintance you boast,
    And the Dukes that you dined wi’ yestreen,
    Yet an insect’s an insect at most,
    Tho’ it crawl on the curl of a Queen!

  2. Outstanding contributions: like getting soft loan for the still-born Port Klang Free Zone. Looks like you but not you......beside the greaser.
    Did you whisper anything? I know you would have. Tell me on Tuesday.

  3. Captain!

    Very strange facial expression and body language lah!

  4. Hai YA,
    Hot from the oven two handsome Fellows posing at IKMAL Gala Dinner 08. He won't be smiling if he knew that it will appear at the famous Ancient Mariner Blogs.

  5. Captain

    Is that you in the photo? Looks like you and smiles like you.

    And the man next to you? Looks like the Transport Minister and dresses like a Transport Minister. Is that him?

    And the photo you posted. Is that the original photo from the camera or is it a copy downloaded to your hard drive? If it is from your hard drive, the photo can be misleading and the the person that looks like you and smile like you might not be you.

    After the Royal Commissin of Inquiry, I went through all my past photos and video clips of myself, I keep asking myself: Is that me?

    My wife says I should visit a shrink to check on my head. I said if I have to, then the Members of the Royal Commission of Inquiry should also visit their shrinks and check their heads for even allowing the Lingam circus to continue unabated.

    Malaysia Boleh to Malaysia Lupa to Malaysia Binggung

  6. outstanding contributions. agree with the biggest bail-out in malaysian history of the scandalous port klang fleece trade zone. of course, if i am the beneficiary of this scandal, i will also gleefully agree to give him the worldwide "MARINETIME MAN OF THE YEAR". WTF

  7. Err...Capt,

    Didya get to ask/say "I know what you did.. -
    a) last night.
    b) in the past few years.
    c) at the PKFZ.
    d) all of the above.

    ..and I got it burnt directly onto HD-DVD, verified by video experts from five continents plus a local kingpin for the 'alternative dvd' industry".

    Hang on.. you did, din't yer. Hence, the photo.

    Wanna frame it as 'Before RCI'?

  8. contribution to the maritime industry??? really?

    nevermind. i think i contributed more. malaysia boleh!



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