Monday, February 25, 2008

The Battle for Kelana Jaya

Well, the gloves are off, knuckle dusters on and it looks set for a three-cornered fight for the parliamentary seat of Kelana Jaya, where I now live. BN is fielding veteran politician Lee Hwa Beng against newcomers PKR's Loh Gwo Burne and independent Billi Lim in the coming general elections.

Fresh from filing his nomination papers yesterday, MCA's Lee Hwa Beng and wife were VIP guests at a belated poolside Chinese New Year tea party (photo) at the neighbouring Mahkota Kelana Condominiums, where my wife and I were also guests. Also in attendance were incumbent Selangor state assemblywoman Seripah Noli and her husband. In their speeches, both politicians certainly didnt waste any time embarking on their campaign trails by heaping scorn on their respective opponents.

I must say that I am a bit disappointed with the opposition PKR's choice of candidate Loh Gwo Burne, who has been described as a "Chinese amateur film maker who has no business in a Malay majority area" by my friend and fellow blogger Zorro, here. Loh was made famous recently as the author of the video that implicated lawyer VK Lingam in the judicial appointments scandal. But then again, both Lee and 'spoiler' Billi Lim are also Chinese and there will be many who will argue that Loh certainly deserves more than a medal for what he did.

All my children will also be voting, the younger two for the first time in their lives come 8th of March. I have always believed that my wife and I have successfully raised four mature and well educated offsprings who are morally upright and law abiding citizens of this country. It is our fervent hope that they will all exercise their democratic rights judiciously.

Me? I have always been for the underdog.


  1. Ahoy captain. Hantu told me that all four of your kids will follow ayah's modus operandi in voting. More power to the Yusof bucaneers!!!!!

  2. Let the campaign begin Captain Yusof.

    The underdogs deserve a chance
    That BN gang; don’t give them a second glance
    They had their chance
    For 50 years they’ve lied and cheated
    This time around let’s hope they’ll be defeated.
    Looking forward to many fat backsides being unseated.

  3. Captain, ask the BN candidate in Kelana Jaya on your favourite subject. Ask him about PKFZ. Ask him to admit that 4.6 billion of public fund was looted by the current goverment. If he admits at least you have an honest candidate and may consider to vote for him. If he denies then no second thoughts.

  4. anon 22.54

    good point. do you expect BN candidates to acknowledge that corrupt act? no, they will throw a curve ball and evade the question altogether. thats so much integrity left in the party.
    Remember MCA loh, the previous MP of Kelana Jaya. He tried to stand up for his principles and integrity. He was threaten by UMNO members, his billboard was defaced, and he was dropped like a hot potato in this election. A message to all aspiring candidates from all other component parties within BN. Toe the line set by UMNO else you have no future in BN.

  5. Convince your children to be part of a new Malaysia. That's the greatest gift to them in your old age. Thanks.


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