Thursday, February 28, 2008

GE - Why I will vote for the Opposition

Youngster Loh Gwo Burne of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) could have made a lot of money out of the VK Lingam video, but he chose to tell the truth against all odds. The exposé provided the turning point without which the judicial appointments scandal would never have surfaced and our judiciary would have sunk deeper into the abyss of judicial hellholes. This is why for the Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat I am going to vote for Loh (photo, right), who has denied that he is just an 'accidental hero' who had by chance videotaped the antics of the high flying lawyer. Loh believes that he can say whatever he wants in parliament without fear or favour, unlike his MCA opponent who will have to toe the UMNO line (or suffer the fate of his predecessor). And I do believe him.

For the Seri Setia Selangor state seat I will vote for fellow blogger and MCKK old boy Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (photo, left) also of PKR, a young man who wants to be an agent of change, which is what this country badly needs. We have enough fat dinosaurs who have overstayed their welcome. We are also in dire need of elected representatives who will represent and serve their electorate and not their political masters or just to make up the numbers.

I am also glad that PKR has made a start with a non-race based platform. Gerakan, PPP and DAP have tried this before but the Malays just didnt buy it. Both Loh and Nik Nazmi must surely be amongst pioneers of sorts and it will indeed be a long haul before we are rid of race based politics in this country.

Which is why I am going to vote for these young lads. They've got balls.


  1. You are right Capt. He could have made a lot of money but he chose otherwise. For that reason alone we should give a lot of consideration. But to be put in as a candidate? On the other hand, we know for sure he will not abandon the cause before or after nomination like someone in Sementa.

    Good luck to them both.

  2. Captain,
    Not getting the money ain't that bad but putting his life in jeopardy is even worse. He is a hero for doing that. Many others would succumb to the fear for his safety the grab the money instead.

  3. Yeah, right! We can get mad of the other side, but when come to voting, we shall be more realistic. I would not waste my vote for a non voter and has every right to feel at home as he was studying in Sunway college!

    C'mon PKR, taking video at the correct time, doesnt make one a good Wakil Rakyat... dont they have a better choice!

  4. Yes, I agree with you - Loh has got balls !!

    For that he definitely deserves a vote unlike many others who are legally voted but yurn out to be ball-less, spine-less and gut-less too !!

  5. captain sir, the die is cast. We have voiced our initial concern. My Kelana Jaya buddies, Saiful, Tan and Gregory have made up their minds. True to the spirit of Barisan Rakyat, their votes go to Nik and Loh.


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