Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GE - Lets Get Real

Malaysians in general must be a very easily excitable lot. But my youngest boy gets more excited with the appearance of a new I-pod or whatever in the market than in the coming general elections, when he will be voting for the first time. He hardly reads the papers except for the IT and soccer news and the comics and I believe so do many others of his generation who are more likely to read the gossipy tabloids than the mainstream media, which must be as exciting to them as watching the paint dry or the grass grow. If he and his ilk form a substantial bulk of the new voters then this government may be in trouble.

The opposition parties have already declared that they are ready to form a new government. Alternative manifestos etc. have already been circulated to the people, and near impossible promises are being made. But in the absence of a strong 'shadow' government and/or a cabinet-in-waiting and after the general euphoria is over, will the rakyat be as gullible? At best they can only hope of denying the BN government a two-third majority, so lets get real.

I am not going to bet that there will be very big changes in the offing or in the status quo, but this is one bet I will gladly lose.


  1. Hi Dad,

    You're absolutely right! Mainstream papers are pure fiction anyway, and not even good ones too. And worse, they masquerade as a source of truth for the masses.

    Well, I'd rather fork out money for the latest Dan Brown thriller.

    Anyway, thought you might like this. Check out the Elections Blah Blah Blah video (from Comedy Court). A laugh riot.

    Sometimes....there is truth in comedy.

  2. Capt.,
    We must get the younger generation to get interested. My daughter who has just started working a year ago is taking a week's off to help out with her ex-lecturer's election bid.
    While my wife is not too keen for my daughter to be "overly involved", I said she should experience the disappointment of losing after so much euphoria. I'm sure the experience would do her a lot of good later in life.
    But then again, as you said it aptly, this is one bet that I would pay to lose.


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