Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Many years ago, when I was a cadet on board a ship discharging cargo in a port Down Under, I was ordered by the chief officer to dispose off a dead rat found in the ship's hold. The stevedores promptly threatened to stop work, claiming it a 'demeaning' task for a young officer. Of course, we believed then that the very manja unionised dockers did so not so much as being in sympathy of my plight but perhaps just to look for an excuse to down tools and goof off. Sheeesh.

It is now being established that we have many dirty, drunken, lying, thieving, scheming and conniving rats amongst our judiciary and the executive. We also have amnesic rats and even rats 'ratting' on their brethren and scurrying to desert a 'sinking ship'. So perhaps it is time for us to do some spring cleaning and some pest control. It certainly wouldn't be a 'demeaning' exercise either.

Welcome to the Year of the Rat. How bloody apt.

To all my Chinese friends: Gong Xi Fa Cai and happy holidays to all the rest.


  1. Yes, indeed Captain Yusof.
    The time is ripe for the Malaysian pest controllers (the voters) to carry out some comprehensive de-ratting extermination.

    Rat poison is not required, all that it takes is to mark an indelible cross in the correct (non BN candidate) box on a ballot paper.

    Put your folded ballot paper in the one thing that is sure to be truly transparent, the clear, see-through plastic ballot box.

    Then get you forefinger nail marked with indelible ink, and give the one-fingered salute, as was clearly demonstrated in the local newspapers a few days ago.

    e.g. see Star, Nation of 1st February 2008,
    or on line at url.

    Note: Zorro has a picture of it on his blog.

    PS. I was born in the year of the rat, but please do not group me with the dirty, drunken, lying, thieving, scheming and conniving rats referred to in Capt.Yusof's blog entry.

    Happy Year of the Rat to everyone, enjoy the holiday.
    'Gong Xi Fa Chai'

  2. Captain.
    The only way to exterminate the rats is to sink the whole ship along with its captain and mates and hopefully a new breed will crop up to replace the old rotten ones.

  3. Cap,

    How bloody cynical! Heh... :-)


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