Friday, February 01, 2008

The Peripatetic

My old friend and former MCKK classmate Zaharan Razak (ZR) describes himself as a peripatetic, an itinerant modern day Don Quixote a.k.a. Pak Pandir Moden. A retired academic (he counts blogger Rocky of Rocky's Bru as one of his former students), he is also a health nut, still actively involved in canoeing, kayaking, cycling and mountain climbing and is quite disdainful of the couch potatoes amongst his old mates.

ZR is also a bit of an eccentric, lain dari yang lain, and we do 'clash' quite often with differing views about almost everything. But perhaps in part due to the special bond forged that many years ago in the hallowed halls and on the playing fields of the old koleq in Kuala Kangsar, we do come to terms quickly on realising that its all probably much ado about nothing. No point in trying to change or save the dinosaurs. Lets just live and let live.

So, for a sampling of his 'dissident and mad-hat views on anything and everything' (his words, not mine), go visit his blog Teh-O-Ki, here.

(Above photo taken when we were 15 year olds. ZR is on the left).


  1. Captain Sir Happy First anniversary. Catch the wind always sir.

  2. When I first looked at the photograph, I had picked the guy on the left (as looking at the picture) as you!
    Then I realised my error! You are the handsome one!

    Anyway, the packaging is not at all important, it is the contents which have the value.

    Good health to you, and belated hearty congratulations on your 1st blogiversary.

  3. Is this the same zaharan razak from NST of the 70's? Yes, I think I know him.

  4. Kak Teh:

    Yep he's the one. He was also with Bernama too, I think.

  5. Capt...Salam dear Sir.

    He doesn't change much I see. When I met him In Likas Bay last year, he was as good looking as that...(even my team paddlers started whispering that I already got a boyfriend in Sabah..what la...) But he is indeed my friend, a gentleman indeed. Someone very determined and a good companion to be with. I'm glad you mentioned about him before I went there!

    And you, you are darrrnnnnn...handsome Capt! I could imagine, the streams of secret admirers you had...hehehehe...

    Take care brother.


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