Friday, May 23, 2008

Samy O Samy

My friend Alex Thiagarasan (photo) is an angry man. A Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) party stalwart and the current Klang Division head, he blames the poor showing in the recent elections by Barisan Nasional in general and MIC in particular to only one man - party president Samy Velu. "BN lost many important ethnic Indian votes because of Samy," he said.

Malaysiakini has also recently reported, here, that the MIC central working committee (CWC) was contemplating sacking their Klang division chief Alex Thiagarasan over scathing comments made against Samy that was carried by the New Straits Times. Alex had called Samy a “dictator" and “judge, jury and executioner” and faulted the latter over the party’s troubles of late.

At a press conference in Klang this afternoon, Alex said he had lodged a police report yesterday against Samy Velu for abuse of power and corruption involving millions of ringgit in Maika Holdings and TAFE College, among others. He also distributed a 15-page report on "The Cover-up in the Telekom Shares Scandal" alleging cheating and misuse of huge amounts of public funds and shares for the benefit of Samy's immediate family and cronies. He hopes that the police will act on his report and bring the culprits to justice.

Alex is also resigned to his fate that the party will now probably take action against him. Although he has been approached by the Opposition, he says he will stick with MIC but will try to get rid of the "liabilities" at the top, even if it means going on a nationwide crusade for this purpose.

"I am already finished, so what have I got to lose?" he said.

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  1. Long nights ago I remember Wigs standing up in Parliament, putting up both his hands in the air and waving them about, to taunt the opposition with 'Look ma, Clean Hands!'

    This was after the ACA had cleared him on the same charges now filed by Alex Thiagarasan! It was said by the ACA that Wigs' millions was accounted in his Tax Returns as confirmed by the Inland Revenue.

    Can anyone recall a single noteworthy building put up by that 'Trained Architect' in KL or S'gor? Did he really make millions from architecture?

    But then the ACA and ex-AG also gave a clean bill of health to Lingam & Eusoff Chin. But we now know only too well the narrow and selective investigative techniques of the ACA and AG's.

    So, Wigs, the time has come for you to be drawn and quartered.

    Besides, you still have not accounted to MAIKA shareholders for the $100 million collected for the Education Fund.

    For that, you need to be buggered, whipped, stoned and de-wigged as well!!


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