Tuesday, May 13, 2008

That was the week that was

Quite frankly, I was getting pretty cheesed off with the current political developments in the country.

First there was the arrest on sedition charges and subsequent release on bail of Malaysia Today's Raja Petra Kamarudin. Then there was DAP's Karpal Singh who have just found out that only Malays are privileged to 'insult' the royals in this country. This was followed by a PM who is yet to decide whether to make public the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam tapes affair. And finally, to really take the cake was his predecessor who insists that the tape was used by Anwar Ibrahim for the purpose of blackmail, quite forgetting that the latter was in prison when the recording was made. Sheesh.

Anyway, early this morning, on the anniversary of absolute mayhem in the country exactly 39 years ago today, my fellow committee members of Friends of Kelana Jaya Park (FoKJP) and I, together with the staff of the Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) planted some 300 trees around the 3 lakes in the park, known as the Taman Tasik Bandaran Kelana Jaya. The "1 staff, 5 trees" tree planting campaign was organised by MBPJ and officially launched by the new Selangor ADUN for Seri Setia, YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

(Above photo with FoKJP exco. From left: Yap Pak Sum, Tuan Syed Khalid, YB Nik Nazmi, Haji Harun, Musa Mohd., yours truly)


  1. Share your feelings too.
    All that talk from PM about doing this and that in so many breathes is expunged in one vomit.
    Empty talk and promises.
    I cannot wait for the floodgates of heaven to open....
    And wash clean our government.

  2. Is that really YB Nik Nazmi in white in the middle? He looks like a school boy, so juvenile! hehe. No offense, its good to be "awet muda" lah katakan...

    Add to the list sir, I want to say I'm rather disappointed with how the new Selangor MB is dealing with the issues in his state too.

  3. capt., thanks for the effort to green the nation.talking about the remarks by TDM, it IS a JOKE alright! DSAI was kept away by him when it happaned! sign of desperation alright! and i also read about the remarks made on DSAI in the parliament by two non-entities. one already accepted the fact that DSAI is already PM and seeked to know if Ms. Nurul wouls take over as the 1st woman PM. why not? At least she spoke more sense that the nonsense that came out of his mouth. how did he got into the august house if not for his daddy's connection?
    The other bloke from kelantan is actually wasting the nation time by allowing him to speak. he had beem jumping everywhere except into the south china sea off kelantan. that is what he should have done!

  4. Pak Cik I am happy to read that people like you (the educated malay middle class) now know how UM-NO is taking their own people for a ride. I confess I am not malay, but when the truth of UM-NO corruption comes from the malays themselves, it seems to be more acceptable to them.

  5. Some years ago I was asked to donate towards the planting of trees at this same park. Tun Dr.M officiated at this function. I thought that that would be a decent gesture to my late father. I tried to locate the tree but have since given up the search.Even if the plant was never planted, it does not matter as my Dad would know that the intention was good. Captain....no wonder I missed you at MRT.


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