Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Son Also Rises

Young Mukhriz Mahathir would appear to have hammered in the last nail in his father's "coffin" yesterday when he declared , here, that he will not join his father in quitting UMNO, especially in light of all other UMNO MPs appearing to be solidly behind the beleaguered PM. "I understand and agree with the action that my father had taken because the action he has taken is due to his love for the party," he said.


If filial piety is not one of his strong points, then being delusional and to keep missing the woods for the trees will not help his fledgling political career either.


  1. not surprising - all our strong leaders spawned wimpy childrens.


  2. Bollocks is right,
    He couldn't be that naive thinking the rakyat are still uneducated and lives on trees, wha.. he does?

    Seems like both of them had cornered themselves without much support except for staunch hardcore supporters which now makes jobs of identifying the 'Separatists' easier for the 4th Floor Boys.

  3. capt

    all i can say at this moment is that there is more than meets the eyes. looks clear cut at the surface but you are talking about a premier of 22 years. No, there's more than the obvious. be patient, capt, more to come.

  4. Capt,

    does this mean you are in support of flip flop aab as pm? even if there's someone who's trying to change the situation, you'd not encourage the person? politics is the art of the impossible capt. you know that i'm sure..

    skylark 11

  5. skylark 11:

    You, sir, are making assumptions.


  6. capt, we read the line on aab. at least he allows things to be opened up for all of us , esp. the very naive malaysians of the type who know who, to see. i wonder if aab isn't around what would be the out of all the issues such as Lingam's , pkfz's, submarines', fighterplanes' croket bridge's and what have you? all these will not see the day light!! i am happy that my vote in'04 took some time to hatch!!

  7. capt., i came across this nalla guy again talking through the wrong hole! I just wonder what can he offer to aab? a character? that would be too nice. it isn't a character, he is a IT, a pronouce we were taught in school to be used for the non-human type! what can he offer aab? words of condolence? aab should be smart enough to get away from such IT, the negative karma can make his life even tougher. so aab, beware of IT!


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