Monday, May 19, 2008

Swan Song

(Source: Malaysiakini)

The silver Swan, who living had no Note,
when Death approached, unlocked her silent throat.
Leaning her breast against the reedy shore,
thus sang her first and last, and sang no more:
"Farewell, all joys! O Death, come close mine eyes!
More Geese than Swans now live, more Fools than Wise"
- Orlando Gibbons, The Silver Swan

In a breaking news, Malaysiakini reports, here, that former UMNO president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today announced that he was quitting UMNO with immediate effect and urged other members to emulate him. "I will only come back to the party when there is a change in leadership," the ex-premier said. However, he has asked these members not to join other political parties.

Well, he has jumped ship, which is clearly sinking into deep and murky waters and hoping that his other misguided and delusional ship mates will join him. Lets hope the sharks don't get him first.

He also probably must have thought that this was going to be his last hurrah, but it may just turn out to be his swan song instead.


  1. sir, you simply jump like that huh.

    anti-climax, really.

  2. He will be surprised to see that when he turned to look back behind him, nobody followed him. He will walk the last mile all alone, a solitary figure fading into the darkness.

  3. Captain,

    I liked your quote.

    So we have now added yet another feather to our national cap laughing stocks of the world.

    What a shame, what a scam.

    When will all these come to a halt so that the nation can tackle a looming global food and oil crisis.

    Or are we set sail to join some of the begger countries soon?

  4. swan song would be ok but pray not a gang-bang.

  5. son' sun' blu'
    every blogger knows one
    son' sun' blu'
    even mahathir blew wan

    funny thing he can sink
    e'en without batu as his toy
    fanny thing i too have a thing
    umno shp's sinking and I'm all joy

    o' boy, o joy, ship ahoy
    mariners ancient and mindfool
    join desi non ship ahoy
    o boy, o joy sanusi's coy
    sinking along wit' mahathir
    swallow'd by umno sharks on overkill

  6. he just nail his own coffin and his end is going to be very ugly.

  7. opening the commission's findings to the public and directive to AG to investigate is the last straw for mahatir. this is his last card to oust Badawi and his 4th floor boys and ensure his legacy will remain intact. Like Mugabe, its a do or die battle. Maybe, its destiny that both will end up as neighbours in Fairyland.Afterall, like minds congregate together.

  8. capt., your poem is right on target! what was created and indoctrinated over all these years can not just disappear! now that gravy cannot be handled out, just see how many will join the train? the lesson of a quarter of a century cannot be forgotten that fast when personal interest is at stack. Orang Malaysia memang cepat lupa!! lupakan apa yang tidak ada faedah kpd diri sendiri!
    The Almighty has taught all human beings a lasting lesson, you cannot run away from your KARMA!!

  9. Rasuah Politik Pasca PRU-12?

    Saya terkejut apabila semalam semasa perbahasan Usul Menjunjung Kasih Titah Ucapan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong di Dewan Rakyat, sahabat saya, Dato' Abdul Rahman Dahlan (BN - Kota Belud) menyatakan bahawa beliau telah ditawarkan duit dan jawatan Kabinet daripada pihak Pakatan Rakyat ("PR") untuk melompat parti.

    Sila layari

  10. Mana lebih penting, perjuangan dan pengukuhan parti atau perpecahan mengikut acuan Tun? Harus difikirkan.

  11. capt., it looks like every malaysian has a price tag! what a shame! where have all our prides gone to? Or was it a practice of a generation that would never change from now on? The claim by an mp does not mean it is the truth! By now can we believe any politician ie a MALAYSIAN POLITICIAN in particular? whatever it is, we NEED A CHANGE!! It could not be worse of!

  12. Easier said than done. If this is Dr M's way to show how much influence he still has over the people, let him do it and let us see who are the people who will be following suit. It is true Captain, even Mukhriz himself not following his father, shows so much. Merajuk tak ingat dunia lah Mahathir. If this is his way to "help" umno i say BULLSH*T!

  13. capt!

    i like the way you took anon 19:56 to task! god for you! padan muka dia! you sound like mahathir as he upped the naysayers. you can't take a bit on the chin eh...never mind! you're young and still a long way before 84! mahathir picked this from you or...!

    SKYLARK 11 (think hard and you'll remember me old chap!)

  14. Skylark 11:

    Sorry, at this stage of my life I do not suffer fools gladly.

    You sound like the guy who banned me from commenting in his blog and called me a Malay Monsterball ... heh heh


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