Thursday, August 16, 2007

PKFZ - Damage Control

Now why wasnt I surprised.

Malaysiakini reported yesterday that " the minister of transport evaded questions of the scandal ridden Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) today, saying 'a statement will be issued soon' ”. I bet there are many now in Putrajaya and Port Klang having sleepless nights trying to do damage control*, finding excuses and looking for scapegoats.

I was at the Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya yesterday to listen to a talk by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) to bloggers and writers, organised by the Majlis Prihatin Malaysia (Prima). (Read fellow blogger Big Dog's take on the talk, here. Malaysia-Today also carried a report by Singapore's The Straits Times correspondent Hazlin Hassan, here).

I have never really been a great fan of TDM. There is also this stark realisation that perhaps many of the nation's current ills are just part of his legacy and he is now busy trying to do some damage control himself. I would have dearly loved to ask him during question time what he thought of the PKFZ debacle and the goings-on in Pulau Indah and Westport, which was his 'baby'. But I didnt have the opportunity since there were too many others with very frivolous and even personal questions, including a nut who came all dressed up in songkok and baju melayu, claiming to be a long lost rightful heir of the "Sultan of Singapore".


* From Wikipedia: Damage control is the term used in the Merchant Marine, maritime industry and navies for the emergency control of situations that may hazard the sinking of the ship. (The italics are mine).


  1. What ??? Heir to the sultanate of Singapore ??? Who is this nut?

    He should approach Lee Kuan Yew or his son the PM of Singapore or go to Riau.

    Possibly asking Dr M of all the persons to talk to Lee Kuan Yew to claim back his rights and become the next President of Singapore if not establish another constitutional monarchy in Singapore.

    I am deeply disappointed the issue of PKFZ was not discussed by Dr M. He should have said something about it.

    But the PKFZ started during HIS time... and it was during his watch when the UMNO chaps in Kapar took the country for a ride

  2. The seed that was planted by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM)
    has to grown into tree that is bearing fruit.
    For example
    1)weak pliable judiciary

    2)Goverments servant who believe it is alrigth to take bribe.

    3 Above all politicion that that beyond redemtion

  3. This is the kind of fiasco which, at a minimum, should end the careers of those who made the decisions and carried out the deals. And probably should launch some criminal prosecutions.

    But I don't think any such thing will happen.

    No Senior politician or politically connected executive is going to lose his job. Nobody is going to jail.

    Malaysia Boleh, Everything is OK. Except for the RM 4.3 billion down the drain. It not their money, right ?
    Sad, sad, sad....


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