Wednesday, August 22, 2007

PKFZ - An Open Letter

I am very honoured indeed to have received a copy of an open letter today from my former boss Datuk M. Rajasingam, former General Manager of the Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang (LPK) or Klang Port Authority. His letter traced the history of Port Klang and the many trials and tribulations every port worker went through the last couple of decades, leading to the port becoming one of the top 20 container ports in the world. He has also expressed his unhappiness over the financial mismanagement of LPK and the sad state of affairs vis-à-vis the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ).

Since his retirement in 1997, Datuk Rajasingam has been busy providing consultation services on port operations and management on behalf of the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and several other institutions in many countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, S. Africa and elsewhere.

To read his letter, click here.

Update: Malaysiakini reports that PAC chairman Dato Shahrir Samad has called for a probe on corruption on the PKFZ RM4.6 billion bailout, here.


  1. Dear Captain Yusof,
    Datuk Rajasingam's words in his open letter are sad but alas ring true.
    The way Malaysia has degenerated over the recent past are a true reflection of the calibre of the government and also the pathetic apathy of the electorate.
    The keywords these days are: Self interest, corruption, accumulation of wealth, greed, shameless lack of integrity, non-accountabilty religious bigotry, media blackouts, and misplaced pride, etc., etc. etc.
    As I see it Malaysia is on the slippery slope to failure, the dreams of 2020 will not materialise, and the citizens will become poorer and poorer, unless and until the people stand up for their rights, the time is ripe now for concerted action to rid Malaysia of the corrupt, the greedy and the shameless.
    Only then will Merdeka mean something.
    Sail on Captain Yusof, without fear or favour, more hospitable things will be on the horizon if everyone of us pulls their weight.

  2. Captain,

    Thank you for allowing us to read Datuk Rajasingam's open letter to you.

    While it provided the historical significance of KPA's existence and purpose, I will not attempt to imagine nor share his and your anguish on how PKFZ has turned out.

    The PAC's call for a probe on corruption allegations will not go far without parliamentary oversight authority and despite having opposition members within its committee, will remain 'toothless' to proceed further. Its only function is to 'recommend' the next stage of investigations by another government agency but not investigate the matter itself. The ECM-Libra issue is a clear case of dereliction of duty by the PAC.

    Nevertheless, I hope SS will request the Auditor-General to look into this case since public monies are involved. What about the ACA or the CCID then? And we have not heard of the MOT's clarifications to JAFZA's grouses (unless it was meant for AAB's ears only and not for public consumption).

    Meanwhile, another 'transport service sector' should be highlighted i.e. the KTMB and the ever elusive double-tracking project which will complement the seaports function. Especially if the Trans-China link is completed in due time. Perhaps the 'rogues' still have not figured out how to get hold of KTMB's landbank in Singapore said to be worth S$4 billion.

    Sail on, we shall, captain. If only to make the goodship Malaysia seaworthy again.

  3. Capt. Karim:

    It is a start, for we need to tackle this from within and without. We also need to get this out to the rakyat and the mainstream media cannot ignore this issue for too long.

  4. YA, Datuk Rajalingam letter provide a good insight on how LPK struggle and survive to make Port Klang a premier port.

    Those responsible for the PKZ blunder must be taken to task and ensure that no similar misdeeds are allowed at the waterfront or the highland.

  5. Correction ... i should read Datuk Rajasingam instead of Rajalingam. My aplogy to him.

  6. Alas 'investor's confidence will not be required if there are no takers for those 3 billion 'junk' bonds. It will be eventually 'forced' to be taken up by Malaysians through the usual public ATMs like EePeeF or Khazanaah.

  7. Capt karim,

    well said and I believe there's growing awarenes of the need to engage politically to save this country from dropping into the abyss. Sail on, Capt Karim and Ancient Mariner.
    Capt AM, I am not with you as far as the mainstream press (except for the SUN is concerned). read todays' Star paper and see how it tried to cover up the scandal with the headlines about self sustaining jest.
    But simians can even see through the attempted cover up. RM40.0 million earnings against RM4.63 billion investments. Gosh, it cant even cover interest let alone repaying the government so called soft loan. Having said that, what project can withstand feasibility study after such rip-off and sodomisation.
    No wonder, all the ministers are nowhere to be seen and the poor GM has to take all the shit. Should I sympathise with him, no?


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