Monday, August 27, 2007

PKFZ - the DAP Factor

I met Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang and his small entourage from the Democratic Action Party (DAP) for a quick chat before he left for Ipoh yesterday. The venerable Yang Berhormat has been following my blogs and wanted to hear my views straight from the horse's mouth before he tables a motion to debate the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) debacle in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Mr. Lim has no pretensions that he will be stopped in his tracks by the Speaker of the august house as has been done many times before, but he will plod on nevertheless. He has promised to keep bringing up the subject in the parliament at every available opportunity to force the issue out in the open.

I suppose as commented by Mr Bojangles in my previous blog posting: ".... if we let them know what we genuinely think of them in their stuffed faces, since they all seem to be in lala land like their big boss, it may hopefully engender some accountability - and make us less of hypocrites to boot."

Update: Malaysiakini reports Dewan Rakyat speaker Ramli Ngah Talib rejected the ‘urgent motion’ put by Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang to debate the RM4.6 billion bailout of the troubled P. Klang Free Zone as Parliament resumes today.


  1. good for lim kit siang to meet the blogger who's been exposing the pkfz eye-sore for all malaysians to see.

    and funny that you quoted mr bojangles. i believe i know the person who uses that handle. he is like lim kit siang and like you: say-it-in-the-face kind of person.

  2. Captain,

    I'd like to say a few things,

    1) Do you personally see PKFZ as vitally important that it should go on operating at any cost?

    2) Can PKFZ be cleaved financially from PKA? I don't quite understand the corporate situation. Is PKA still a statutory board?

    3) When MV Augusta was seen as a liability to Proton's bottomline it was sold for 1 Euro. Why can't the Government wait until the lenders came knocking so that Kuala Dimensi would have to let go of its interest for RM 1.

    4) Does Kuala Dimensi have prior experience in port management? I haven't seen anywhere about Kuala Dimensi's ability in the logistics business.


  3. Happy Monday Captain Yusof,

    Reading your latest entry brightened up my day.
    We must all plod on and do our utmost to right the wrongs by initiating changes.
    Every little bit helps.
    Mr. Bojangles said it so well.
    The people must desist from 'kow towing'(or is it cowering?) before the morally and physically corrupt, devious and shameful hypocrites who play at being our so called 'political masters'.
    They must be removed and replaced by real democratic leaders, via the ballot box, at the earliest opportunity; in the meantime we should all treat them with the contempt they truly deserve, and be united in the just campaign for change.

  4. Rocky:

    Many thanks for the linking.


    Thank you. Will address these issues in a future blog.

    Capt Karim:

    I am with you here, bro.

  5. Captain,

    JAFZA's connection with Dubai Port World makes them an ideal, if not the best partner, for KPA to have in port management.

    KD do not have the expertise, therefore, it's mind-boggling how they are able to dictate terms, leading to the current situation.

    Seriously, it would seem that decisions made by whoever it was did not consider the long-term viability of PKFZ.

    Anywayz, I still say that the land acquisition costs killed this goose.

  6. Captain

    When the sea is rough, you steer the ship through... you don't give up. We don't jump ship in a storm.

    WEhen the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    On this PKFZ scandal, we must plod on... even while we know the powers-that-be are out to scuttle this.

    As they say, the Captail is the last man we have to depend on the ship in the stormy sea of the PKFZ scandal.

    We must sail through this storm to land.

    Hell or high water, this scandal cannot be allowed to be drowned in the stormy sea. We must keep it afloat to land to examine this monstrous creature why it is sucking the blood and life of Malaysians today.

  7. capt yusof

    after 3 months, would this PKA scandal die down and long forgotten like others? i now feel so frustrated that our government can condone this sort of corruption and that with the support from the mainstream paper (ie STAR).

  8. Don't be disappointed by the behavior of Ramli the speaker. He is acting true to type.

    I've seen how he handles the outfits he runs from my days helming a small dept in Darul Ridzuan.

    I saw projects that had been mooted years before my time still languishing in limbo when I was there. Years after I left, I saw the same sad projects being bandied about by his admn as though they were freshly minted conceptions. Thats progress in grace land which once had the richest deposits of tin in the world.

    One morning an investor dropped by my office after depositing some project proposal in the YABs office. He said he was surprised, nay shocked, at the unprofessional way things were conducted in that office. I could elaborate but that would be digressing.

    So such professionalism is now carried over to the national level. Before there were non existent projects. Now there are only non existent scandals.

    And being the trouble makers that you are, only you bloggers see conspiracy and calumny in everything instead of being grateful for the pristine landscape pervading this the 50th year of our glorious Merdeka.

  9. capt,from the design of the 512 mini-warehouses, you should know that no thought was given to the project, least of all the issue of getting something out of this investment. From the begining,it was a plot of immediate profiteering. The government can always sell the project to Westport for for a penny, say in a couple of years, then Westport can lease it to users at market rate. It would then be guaranteed profit to Westport, since it gets it for a song ( of course not at the cost of Elvis's). This plot is so easy to figure out ,you don't need what Nades used to say, rocket scentist to do this investigation. By the way, election is near.


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