Monday, August 13, 2007

PKFZ - Disaster Zone?

PKFZ Empty Warehouses

Well, this may sound a bit harsh and in my book, the real disaster is when the powers that be allow the perpetrators go unpunished. In any case, this is the front page headline in today's The Sun newspaper. The Sun further allege "red tape, political meddling, inaccurate minutes and attempted tax evasion real reasons PKFZ deal collapsed." in reference to the JAFZA pullout. (Read fellow blogger Rocky Bru's take on this, here. Raja Petra's Malaysia Today has also carried a Singapore Straits Times story, here)

Oboyoboyoboy. The first three reasons I was aware of, but 'tax evasion'? Sheeesh. And trying to 'fix' the Arabs for not being 'cooperative' is dirty poker indeed. The culprits have already been named and much as I hate to get personal, some of them are people who are known to me. I believe Saturday 11th NST - Business Times (I stopped reading NST a long time ago) also wrote: "RM4.6b white elephant? Port Klang Free Zone faces cost issues, say critics." Costs? Real comedians, indeed. Haven't they ever heard of the other C word?

It is corruption, stupid.

It is no more pure conjecture since there are ample proof abound so nothing short of a Royal Commission of Inquiry, I say, after all the RM2 billion BMF scandal of the 80's had one and we are talking about RM4.6 billion here. So Pak Lah, stick to your promises, stop monkeying around and get your ass in gear.

(Some national leaders may think its OK for them to fail occasionally or make a few mistakes here and there, but in my book, for them FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. The Japanese will go commit harakiri for less, for crying out loud).


  1. wish this can be conveyed to the masses and you can imagined how piss they will be! the government cannot continue the petrol subsidies. the government has to imposed tolls. so that, the government has more revenue for its development projects for the people's benefit. I puke big time. to whose benefit now. tell me, mr Clean!

  2. Cometh the 7th day of the 7th moon of the chinese calender, the devil takes its own. All hell breaks loose.

  3. Capt, here the work with the three alphabets in reverse order.


    What more do you need? RAKYAT! Wake up! We have been HAD...AGAIN!

  4. Captain Yusof

    Your article was quoted in Malaysian Unplug at

  5. Sail on, Captain.

    Have yer made the police report, matey?

    Anywayz, this fiasco is going to scare the living daylights out of any and all foreign investors coming here. Who are they (UMNOputras) going to 'screw' next?

    And one more thing, Captain. Will yer do a 'bahasa malaysia' version of your all your postings on this matter coz I think the folks in the kampongs will certainly be 'impressed' with what AAB did with our RM4.6 billion.

  6. Hello Captain, the whole debacle stinks to high heavens,..and adds another black mark against Malaysia in the corrupt nations index, following the recent illegal arms imports case also, involving a Malaysian un-named company.

    What the hell is going on in this country, where money is so free and easy? Can the Rajas do something about all these and bring those responsible to boot? The ACA sure the hell can't. HELP! ANYBODY?!

    We are really going down the toilet!

  7. Dear Capt,
    Got the link to your site from Screenshots. This is what our police and ACA should be interrogating. Malaysia's image in the international community really looks bad. And if we are not careful, the IDR project will fall into the same problem. It's about time our ministers and CEOs of GLCs be held accountable for such fiascos.

    BTW, the photo of the school is King George V Secondary School on Jalan Zaaba (previously Hose Road), unless you had studied there before the 60s. The primary school is in Ampangan since the 60s.


  8. mr bojangles

    think they would commit suicide to redeem honour. these theives have no honour. they would keep their steals and have a gala time.
    UMNO/MCA-they scheme and rob the country together. Thats muhibbah spirit for you, isnt it?

  9. we have a worthy Bugis "King" writing.

    we also have a worthy Bugis Sultan reigning.

    and now we have another worthy Bugis Captain to kick some asses.

    keep up the writing, and don't let these ba****Ds to keep plundering our country!

    aye aye Capt!

  10. Hi Capt. I am from your friendly neighbour down south, I share your sadness another disaster in the making. I was moved to make a posting on my blog - we all deserve better from our leaders.


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