Friday, August 10, 2007

PKFZ Fiasco - An Update

PKFZ Hotel

Well, the shit has now begun to float to the surface. Malaysiakini today and yesterday highlighted wrong doings in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) debacle but there was nothing in other mainstream newspapers except for the Sun and the Edge. (Fellow blogger Rocky's Bru has also pointed this out, here).

How come no one seems bothered? The overinflated sum of RM4.63 billion for the development of PKFZ is actually more than the costs of developing both Pelabuhan Tg. Pelepas (PTP) and West Port combined! The fact that well connected politicians in the guise of businessmen are thumbing their noses and seem to be getting away with murder speaks volumes of the state of the nation. Like an opposition politician who recently made a police report on this, I have a good mind to do likewise but now that our police and judiciary have already become international laughing stocks I believe this will just be a waste of time.

The much respected Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) of Dubai did not care to sit out their lucrative 15 year management contract and left in a hurry. Sources told me that there were discrepancies in minutes of meetings etc., which suggested of deliberate attempts to mislead the government and JAFZA was not willing to be made a patsy. The good name of Port Klang, the country's premier port, must surely now stink to high heaven in international maritime circles.

This will surely be Pak Lah's first major bail out using tax payers' money. Whatever happened to all the promises made? Many people I know are getting pretty cheesed off, and I for one am sorely tempted to quote Oliver Cromwell: "You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"


  1. Why there is no report to ACA ? where is Islam hadhari ? where is our MR. Clean ? A laughing stock to the whole world ! Mr. Clean you seem to be incompetent for the post so let other to rescue the nation which is sliding into the doom.

  2. wish there's a law to allow class action suit against financial rapist. at least, the rakyat can do something by initiating a suit to recover the corrupted money whilst the sleeping PM allows such shams to happen undre his nose.

  3. Captain

    you said:Like an opposition politician who recently made a police report on this, I have a good mind to do likewise but now that our police and judiciary have already become international laughing stocks I believe this will just be a waste of time.

    NO sir, I think you should report to the police on this. This Govt thinks that silence is acceptance and action condoned.

    With your knowledge and understanding of the issue, you, captain, has more credibility to bring this matter to the proper authorities and to enlighten the public.

    I strongly suggest you help to keep us posted on your blog on this unravelling issue. Especially with UMNO's cronies and their in-laws having a dip into the pie.

    We already have the EC-Libra scandal with an UMNO son in law who is a Deputy Chief of a youth wing party and now with have another son in law of a vice deputy chief in a local UMNO constituency.

    When will this rot stop!!!

  4. anon:


    many thanks for the feedback. I shall press on.

  5. Bang Cap't...

    This is something close to your heart and you do not want your "baby" to go down the drain, not after years of toil to make it a premier port. Your own, B, S & T, I might add.

    I believe you will do the right thing. Yes, Sir... please press on.


  6. now i remember something. when the shit starts to float, our venerable STAR paper came out with a stunning PR exercise about the viability of the project. Headlines about new tenants taking up space abound.
    Such spin to protect the perpetrators. No wonder the mainstream papers credibility is down the tube and the gag on blogs just to prevent the presses going into abyss.
    Islam Hadhari?

  7. LETS KEEP RELIGION OUT OF THIS! It is pure unadulterated cheating of the people by the unscrupulous. Press on Captain, but I will, and I hope those who expressed their displeasure here will, take it to the next step. Vote wisely and with the head, not heart.

  8. The news about companies taking out space in PKFZ is "bullshit" for lack of better expression. What will really happen in order to show demand in PKFZ they will rent out space for " cheap cheap" just to fill it up. There is no way the Govt can get back its $4.6 billion. Its our money. Ancient Mariner for all its worth make the police report. Someone must be accountable.

  9. It was reported in NST - Business Times (11th Aug 2007). Under this title:

    "RM4.6b white elephant? Port Klang Free Zone faces cost issues, say critics."

    Cost issues? More like corruption issues to me.

  10. This does not bode well for the likes of the Iskandar development and the Northern Corridor.
    The projects are mostly massive land and construction-based deals with little or nothing to show for economic returns.
    All look-good, feel-good projects, which in the end leave the country poorer than if the project didn't take place at all.
    Imagine all the good uses the RM 4.63 blllion could have put to.

  11. Yes...its true, who will fight for us but ourselves?
    To all you anonymous commentators, you must have your reason to remain anonymous, but I implore you to turn your comments to actions.
    We need you to turn your voice to a vote! Go and make sure you speak out the next general election.
    I say 'Enough' and I think you are saying the same too!

  12. Dear Capt,
    The way the gov abused the public money is appaling to say the least.The recent finding of large and vulgar 'Istana' built within the poor neighbourhood of Klang may well be the spill over from these transactions.

    ACA would not find it too difficult to trace all these wrongs if they were to sharpen their senses and trail these money....only if they are willing to do it.
    What would it take to wake him up?????

    It certainly had STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!


  13. Captain My Captain

    You own this story. ROck on, my captain!

  14. Captain,
    This is the first time I get into your blog and thanks for the many valuable information. What has become of our country!!! Truly sad indeed


  15. Is It a coincidence that the DPM is on a 2 week hiatus?...
    Is it a case of 'If u cannot stand the heat,get out of the kitchen?


  16. Captain

    This is YOUR story. You have the connections and the inside story.

    Malaysiakini etc should be following your lead.

    Time to flush out the garbage.


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