Friday, August 17, 2007

PKFZ - PAC Hearing

PKFZ Business complex

With the complete embargo on news about the PKFZ by government controlled newspapers, the Sun reported yesterday that the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will call for a hearing on the debacle. It quoted the chairman Datuk Shahrir Samad who said that news reports about the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) has raised serious questions. PAC will look into two concerns:

> Will it involve any government bailout; and

> Will it affect foreign investors' confidence in other projects in Malaysia, like the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in Johor and other developments?

"The IDR encourages domestic and foreign investments. Although the IDR is not a free zone, I am worried some foreign investors might pull out following the fallout (between JAFZA and PKA)," Shahrir told the Sun. It is interesting to note that a total of RM4.3 billion under the Ninth Malaysia Plan has been allocated to develop the infrastructure and facilities for the IDR, while RM4.6 billion has already been spent on the PKFZ with nothing much to show.

(By coincidence, Shahrir Samad was one year my junior and my younger brother Kassim's classmate at MCKK. His PAC vice chairman, DAP's Dr Tan Seng Giaw also happens to be my regular early morning walk companion at a public park near where I live. Perhaps apologies are in order for this rather shameless and constant name dropping on my part, but what the heck, I reckon I might as well tap on my 'old boy' network if this can get things moving ...)


  1. Captain,

    You're resorting to name-dropping to get things moving?

    Yer old salty. Yer up to something, aren't you.

    And I certainly hope it's the alternative option which I suggested at the PLF function recently.

    For RM4.6 billion, it's definitely worth a try.

    Meanwhile, I'll check out the 'bisik-bisik' network on the protocol requirements.

    Who knows? This can be 'the straw which broke the camel(ian)'s back'.

  2. Hi Shar,

    One thing at a time and we exhaust all other options first, and then all hands on deck ...

  3. Lets hang the PKZ pirates .... to esure they stop robbing the tax payers money.

    Good job Captain Sir.

  4. Captain

    I understand the mainstream media was asked to 'black out" all news about the PKFZ scandal. Only the "SUN" followed up.

    We should keep this scandal in the front burner... and not allow the Govt and UMNO to scuttle it by creating other issues to hog the headlines.

    All of us would look to your blog for the updates, just like Susan Loone does for the Altantunya case, where her blog was the point reference on the murder trial.

    With the help of your network and "little birds" and "deep throat", the blogging fraternity should flush this out into the open and get the culprits to book.

    I would paraphrase Dr. M when he said the bloggers are the only hope to make the difference, in that the mainstream media in Malaysia has mortgage its role as the FOURTH ESTATE OF DEMOCRACY.Our Mainstream Media has prostituted itself to the EXECUTIVE, and no longer has the mandate to take the function required as required in a Democracy.

    It is now the responsibility of the BLOGGING MEDIA to play the role of the FOURTH, as the check and balance to the LEGISLATURE, EXECUTIVE AND THE JUDICIARY.

    So, Captain, we all have a responsibility to uphold for the sake of not only our Nation, but for the sake of our FUTURE generations. We cannot allow our PRESENT POLITICAL LEADERSHIOP to pawn the future of our children and grandchildren for their immediate selfish political interests.

    That got off my chest!!

  5. salam, akhirnya saya sampai ke pelabuhan sdr jua dan judulnya tentang pelabuhan klang pula. Pun begitu, syabas!

  6. frank, well said and real frank. sink our teeth into the kin, bite and dont let go. let the sodomists of nation's resources be tried and jailed.
    do you hear that, complicits from UMNO, MCA and other BN parties.


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