Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Abolish toll and road tax?

The Star online today reports, here, that Selangor MCA is proposing to the Government to slash or abolish road tax and do away with tolls on roads in the state altogether, especially with Selangor having the most number of tolled roads in the country. State party chairman Datuk Ong Tee Keat said this would help ease the burden of the public as a result of the petrol and diesel price hikes.

This is good start. The first sensible thing I hear from the mouth of a BN leader thus far. We can then go on to abolish toll on all roads in the country and get the toll operators to bare all. Next we can get Petronas to account for the MR600 billion it has made through the years. The 10% cut in entertainment and holiday expenses for government ministers does really mean zilch to the rakyat who have to kiss goodbye to holidays and entertainment for his family now.

BTW, a little bird told me that Minister of Transport Ong, who was on a visit to the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) recently was aghast when told that his predecessor, who was rewarded with a Tan Sri-ship by the King a few days ago, had never even set foot in the place! Sheeesh.

Meanwhile, there is this SMS joke making the rounds:

My wife complains that I never take her to expensive places ... so last night I took her to a petrol station!


  1. Captain,

    I agree with you that it is indeed a good start. To think of it, the govt trying to be sensitive to the people's needs, whereby i've noticed that the things that most people are talking about and complaining (constructive criticisms and suggestions) are actually slowly being put to action. Like the matter of Ubah Gaya Hidup, the govt should lead the way to change first. And the 10% reduction and all the other potong elaun decision was a welcome. We shall continue to make our voices heard and give more ways about how the leaders should be trying their hardest to let the rakyat cope. And yes, MORE should and can be done.

  2. good one. a little laughter turns the frustration a few notches down.

    there it goes again. issuing guarantees without even been to the place? thats even worse than wihtout seeking approval from the MOF, isnt it? RM4.7 billion down the tube instead of enhanced transportation. No wonder, the govt cant afford the subsidies anymore. it needs all the money to feed corrupt fat cats.

    Still angry, Capt? next time, ask them to eat something else which is worse than shit.

  3. Greetings Captain,

    In my opinion, anyone can propose and demand things, but it is not always as easy as it sounds. Of course having that will really help ease the Rakyat's burden, what not, I bet everyone who lives in klang valley DESPISES the tolls they have to pay evry single day (not worth it, pay toll also, still jam kau kau).

    But put the people up to take action, then only they realize how difficult it is behind the whole economics of it. Citing an example, Selangor MB so intent in proceeding with the free water to the state, but unfortunately up till now, there are still disputes and still the matter seems unresolved. So yes, it is not easy to please everyone, th ebest we can do is be thankful for what we have (for now at least, however meagre the amount given) and pray for the best. When voting time arrives, we all know our duties as rakyat and hopefully we will all do what we malaysians are responsible for.

  4. LOL.... I hope you didnt bring YOUR wife to the petrol station captain!

    Good good, kudos to the MCA leaders, they are not talking bull and giving good suggestions to help the Rakyat. Unlike the others i see more intent to complain, spread hatred and ahem, some individuals also take the opportunity to make more promises for their own political benefit.

  5. capt., OTK needs the support of those involved in the industry. I believe he meant business only if the real power that be is willing to go along. As far as the previous minister was concerned he had only interests in his Dreams of the Red Chamber, and together with a ever willing head at KPA, all systems boleh. Someone in the industry gave his middle finger to her departing short, silence means consent!! over the shorter free period stay for containers.; they were wondering which head she was using to compute! Or indeed she knew what was port operation over the ten years she was there or just spent her time spinning tales on the Free Zone!! Well , as you pointed out, such swindling deserves a Tan Sri, that is what the title is worth!!!


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