Friday, June 20, 2008


Beh Lih Yi reports in Malaysiakini late today, here, that well-known blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has alleged via a statutory declaration signed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court on Wednesday that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's wife Rosmah (photo) was at the scene with two other individuals when Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered. (Read the statutory declaration, here. Read also fellow blogger Big Dog's take on this, here)

RPK was called in for police questioning early last month over an article titled ‘Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell’ in which he implicated Najib and Rosmah in the high-profile murder case. A close aide to Najib, political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda and two police special operations force personnel have been charged with the murder of the Mongolian national who was blown to bits with military explosives. All three have pleaded not guilty in an ongoing albeit slow moving trial and face the death sentence if found guilty.

This shocker, if indeed true, will certainly put a monkey wrench in the works to Najib's and Rosmah's ambitions. In his statutory declaration, RPK has also named the two other individuals as one acting colonel Aziz Buyong, who is described as ‘a C4 bomb expert’ and the latter’s wife, known only as Norhayati, who is also said to be Rosmah’s ADC. He further alleged that he has also been ‘reliably informed’ that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and "one of the (Malay) Rulers" know of Najib's wife alleged involvement.

Najib is now believed to be mulling action over this explosive allegation.

(Photo source: Malaysiakini)


  1. woW! mGf -- C4 leads to C-liau-liau!:( ~~ Desi
    PS: May I bollow thy Post, Pos Laju?

  2. what goes round will come round. let najib and his wife sue RPK for this damning allegations. sparks will fly for sure. RPK, you had it if there's no solid evidence.
    but,i know you have something up your sleeve, no? damn poker game?
    whatever, RPK, my prayers with you.

    Another NATO MEMBER

  3. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." - V (

    If we the rakyat do not save Malaysia asap, latest by September as Anwar says, I fear we may never get a chance for another 50 years, or maybe never again!

    No fear! Be strategic & go for the sweet spot! Take 'em all out!

    Viva La Resistance!

  4. The thing that cringes me is: What IF these are ALL TRUE?

  5. Wow. These are some serious allegations for sure. But we shall wait and see, I hope RPK really will have whatever evidence he has to prove that ST. I'm guessing he does, if not he wouldn't have said all those in the ST. But if it's a fake ST, then...

    Wow, all these things go hand in hand with stopping Najib from being PM. But we have to be wary also it might JUST be some tricks to do so.

  6. Capt Sir,

    For his sake, I hope RPK knows what he's writing/talking abt.

    I pray for RPK ...if wht he has written is true.

    You too, Capt. Take care!

  7. mob1900 said what IF these are ALL TRUE?

    According to Wikipedia, “Intentionally making a false statement as a statutory declaration is a crime equivalent to perjury, and punishable by fines and/or a prison sentence”.

  8. The latest development from RPK could be the "missing link" to the "jigsaw puzzle" - no wonder DS Najib was so "tame" with AAB, SIL&Co... agreeing to the "smooth power transition", taat setia to AAB, SIL&Co. & Umno, etc. etc. As Dato' AKJ said in his blog about "KORO" infecting Umno's stalwarts... this could well be the "reason" to explain all these... political blackmailing by AAB, SIL&Co. on Najib...

  9. DPM must resign to restore honour

    In the wake of the explosive statutory declaration by Raja Petra Kamarudin, the deafening silence in the MSM further destroys the credibility of the independence of the media.

    The absence of any response from BN politicians equally erodes their standing in public ratings.

    Truly, no one is in any position to lay claim to the veracity of the declaration. On the contrary, public interest must be given due regard by all those elected into power.

    Lest we forget, here is a case that has put the nation under the global spotlight and for all the wrong reasons. To remain mum, or to give delayed response only fires more speculation and entrenchment of perceptions.

    Since the reputation of this nation is under siege, three considerations must be met with immediacy:

    Firstly, the DPM must immediately resign and detach himself from all vantages that may or may not influence any body or individuals. This is to enable the impartial investigations to carried out in a transparent manner.

    Secondly, the media must report in an independent manner devoid of any vested interest. Failing which the credibility of an any independent press will only be damaged further along with the nation’s democratic principles.

    Thirdly, upon establishing the whole truth and nothing but the truth, whoever is guilty should not escape punishment. If RPK is guilty then the law must take its full course. If the DPM is guilty then no rod should be spared and likewise for the deputy PM’s wife.

    Mere rhetoric and ‘guarded’ responses or safe silence is not going to make any positive impact to nation, king and citizens alike.

    Denying that the nation is in crisis mode will only cheat us even further.

    J. D. Lovrenciear


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