Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here we go again ...

(Source: Malaysiakini)

It was with some measure of incredulity that I read today's headlines that former deputy premier and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leader Anwar Ibrahim (photo) is being investigated again on sodomy charges, a repeat performance by the police after exactly 10 years.

Malaysiakini had reported yesterday, here, that a report was lodged by the 23-year-old alleged victim, a former Anwar aide, at the Jalan Travers police station. Anwar has since dismissed the report as a "complete fabrication". Earlier, PKR had sent out an SMS message stating that the police had detained Anwar's special aide Saiful Bukhari and forced him to lodge a police report.

"The report has been organised by interested parties to attack me in retaliation for evidence I have recently obtained implicating IGP (inspector-general of police) Musa Hassan and the AG (attorney-general) Gani Patail in misconduct including fabrication of evidence in the cases launched against me in 1998-1999. This vile attack will not prevent me from releasing this dossier to the public," Anwar said.

A pretty reckless move by the men in blue and a desperate attempt by the government to silence him, I think.

Update: Malaysiakini reports, here, that a police report is expected to be lodged against the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General this morning over their alleged misconduct during Anwar Ibrahim's trials in 1998-1999. Lawyers acting for the PKR de facto leader are expected to lodge the report.

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah also said that Saiful joined to help the party during the general election period. She added that little was known of him and that no background check was done on him as he was just a volunteer.

More on Saiful Bukhari, here and here.


  1. No komen sebab ramai sangat pemimpin yang cakap 'belok belok' macam ini tetapi kemudian buat 'belok belok' macam yang lain pula..

  2. Din Merican writes:

    This is the accuser, Saiful Bukhari (picture in red neckie). My colleagues and I knew that he was planted by the other side. So we kept him under surveillance since the day he turned up in our office just before the March 2008 elections. It was a matter of time and we would have exposed him as someone with links to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. He knew that the noose was tightening around his neck."

    More here:

    The accuser and some information where they work for Najis

  3. crazy-lah!!! Who will believe that anwar can be so stupid especially when he just got his freedom?

    There must be people out there who wants to "kill" him again.

    Instead of just denying the allegations, it is also wise to try to find out who is/are the behind mastermind.

  4. We live in an era where conspiracy theory thrives. So this is my take: this could also be anwar's strategy to create a sense of deep and terrible crisis in the country. yes, he is not a sodomite and I don't believe he is either and he knew that people do not believe it either. so create one so he could play victim. he is caught in the middle. he does not actually have the 'numbers' to form the government and no way he could face the public and have an honest and serious debate with Shabery Cheek on the fuel price. so rather than having to face questions from the public when the time comes to deliver on his promise which would surely undermine his credibility, create a crisis now and make himself the victim: that he is no longer safe and he needs the safe sanctuary of a foreign embassy. Give me a break! As Bill Clinton once angrily said about Obama's campaign: this is the biggest fairy tale I have ever heard. Badawi, despite his weakness, is not Mugabe. In fact, we are witnessing unprecedented level of freedom and openness in the country. This is probably just Anwar's way to maintain public distrust towards the government. Try to paint Malaysia as another Zimbabwe where politicians get assasination threat and hoorah - all the public and international attention will be on him.

    I believe no member of the government would want to repeat 1998. In fact, i don't think anybody in the current government believe that he was a sodomite when he had to face the allegation in 1998. 1998 was someone else's doing.

    The government knows that this kind of allegation will not stand in the court of public opinion. They know that the public will hate them more if they do this. Yes, Anwar is a political threat to them, but not threatening enough for them to lose power on 16 September. At the time when the public is beginning to question the capability and on the promise of the PR in the 5 state governments, this kind of crisis is the last thing a BN government would want.

    Anwar has endured worse treatment in 1998 and he can afford to create such sense of treatment - something which the public will find it impossible to believe - today. It is partly the sense of bad treatment that earns him public admiration and pity. So I won't rule out the possibility that this is Anwar's own doing.

    Don't be naive and take everything at face value. What Anwar needs is continuous attention. You have seen how he plays it well. Withoholding evidence, tapes, pictures just so that he could release at the right time so that this country is in perpetual crisis. Anwar is a master politician who knows how to play his card well!

  5. Having considered what some people has said that the whole episode could be a ruse by Mr Anwar Ibrahim to avoid the debate with Mr Chik Shabeery over the fuel price issue, as well as to focus internation attention on the "assasination" attempt on his life, I would aver that if I am a member of a Jury, I would most likely dismiss the possible conspiracy theory that this is a shenanigan of Mr Anwar Ibrahim's.

    I am more likely to conclude that this as "The Empire strikes back!".

    Mr Anwar, in my opinion, has been consistent in his ethical and principled behaviour and words to date and it would be travesty to assume him guilty in the Court of Public opinion before the Police report is proven as of sufficient basis for a prima facie case. thesame as would be applied in RPK's acccusation against Mr Najib.

    All in, it would appear UMNO has more to gain from this episode that PKR or the citizens of this country.

  6. Kepimpinan politik negara kita daripada PM, TPM, Menteri, MB, KM, Exco baik dari parti Kerajaan mahupun pembangkang dan macai-macai mereka kini sedang sibuk. Sibuk mempertahankan diri mereka masing-masing daripada segala macam masalah dan tragedi politik.

    Sedangkan mereka sepatutnya mempertahan dan memperjuangkan nasib rakyat ketika kita sedang berhadapan dengan masalah-masalah berbangkit akibat daripada kenaikan harga minyak.

    Saya tidak puas hati. Mereka tidak melaksanakan amanah yang diberikan oleh rakyat kepada mereka. Wakil rakyat kita makan gaji buta!!

    Tidak sedar diri dan memalukan negara. Malaysia would be better wihout all of you.

  7. Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog”

    In the month named of a Roman King
    The year of great games played by Greeks
    Malaysie, a land where politikus battle
    “Wag the Dog” the game is played

    A man defamed twice over
    Seeking restitution with Ottoman Kings
    A plot being hatched as night awaits
    Watch in trepidation by the man defamed

    People in Malaysie cry in vain
    Great turbulence and strife engulf
    Lost is the fable of Mongolian assasins
    Forgotten is the hatred of black oil curse

    Men in power rule with joy
    For winners, gold and lust awaits
    Lost are the tales of greed and arrogance
    Forgotten are the tales of men in chains

    Little Napoleon kings jump in joy
    For keeping the turf and rule once more
    But alas, such is the game being played
    The time to repent is so in vain

    Stomach empty, spirit rise in men
    Seeking justice for those in pain
    A man of honor they seek within
    To play a game of which to gain

    Across the land, the people rose
    Silence and patience is the game being played
    Within the halls and corridors of fame
    Man of honor win the game


  8. Just to remind us that the Federal Court overturned Anwar's sodomy conviction because the case rested entirely on one man's (Azizan) testimony!! The Court set Anwar free due to this technical consideration. However, the Court concurred that there were evidence of sodomy. And, Anwar did not contest or asked these evidence to be expunged from the Court's record!! In other words, Anwar did not come out 100% clean from the sodomy charge. Morally atleast, he is still tainted!!

  9. HOWEVER, the majority decision reached at:

    “The testimonies of one Dr. Mohd Fadzil and one Tun Haniff and the conduct of the first Appellant (ie Anwar) CONFIRMED the appellants’ involvement in homosexual activities.

    However such evidence did not corroborate Azizan’s story that the appellants sodomised him on the date, time and place specified in the charge.”

    Additionally, the majority also held:

    “even though reading the appeal record, we find EVIDENCE TO CONFIRM that the appellants were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen, sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved that the alleged offences as stated in the charges, beyond reasonable doubt.”


    One interesting outcome from this latest 'bontot' event is the cleverness of Anwar in diverting the criminal case against him. Anwar is known for his dramatisation of events, if he wants something or trying to get out of the mud.

    Remember the Baling case during his student days? Or the last trial - remember his arsenic poisoning? Remember his complaint about his back pain? Remember his dog collar always stuck on his neck when he went to courts? Remember he moved about on wheel chair? Now no back pain or neck pain. So fast got cured!

    Now the truth has come out, he went to the Turkish Embassy uninvited said the Turkish Ambassador. He just deposited himself there to get international attention. He got many friends outside Malaysia, who will believe him and will raise their concerns. That's what Anwar wants.

    By the way, who wants to kill him? if that is the case, he has been assassinated a long time ago! Even before the opposition could win many state governments in the last elections. Anwar is best described as the great Hindustani or Bollywood actor. Pity his wife Azizah, she has to defend Anwar because he is her husband although she knows Anwar inside out.

  11. Capt., i wouldn't believe a man who mounting a fight to lead a nation at this moment of time had risked it all to have a 5 minute fun with a bad back! Simple minds will think fighting back in a court filled with judges still at somebody's call, could simply find a solution? we have many perry masons or at least they have had read many of his stories to come out with so many imaginary situations.Come on, the guy is trying to make some changes to ythe nation! for you and for me!! face it, if you want a change now, only he has got the charisma to do it!! hence, he is targetted!!

  12. Even if Anwar is not a sodomite I would not like him to be the next PM. He can be a strong opposition MP....PM....sorryla jahanam Malaysia.


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