Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Ancient Mariner on RTM1

This is for those who missed the RTM1 program "Blog" on Sunday night - courtesy of Hisham, my youngest boy who had to painstakingly decode the video format. I was interviewed "live" by host Hasshim Abu Hanifah in the 20 minute program which I thought was a tad short for me.

I was the eighth blogger to be interviewed in the series. Complete video recordings of earlier programs featuring fellow bloggers Raja Petra Kamarudin, Datuk Kadir Jasin, Ahirudin Attan (Rocky), Nuraina Samad et al can be found in the Ministry of Information website, here.


  1. I saw it on rtm. :) It was kinda strange to see you in real life... You remind me of my dearest Atok... But still the "Go eat shit and die" sentiment was ringing i my head, and don't see how it tallies with your appearance. :)

    I hope that did not offend you... But hey, I still like visiting your blog! :D

  2. Salam Captain,

    Soalan Pengacara Blog: Apakah peranan blogger skrg untuk membantu kerajaan dalam usaha memberi sedikit penerangan kepada rakyat tentang apa yang dihadapi sekarang ini?

    PERSOALANNYA: Kenapa bloggers perlu membantu kerajaan? untuk apa? apakah blogger dibayar gaji oleh kerajaan?

    Tugas blogger adalah memberi ruang kebebasan meluahkan pandangan, pendapat dan teguran berdasarkan fakta atau logik tentang keadaan semasa yang mana mungkin ada yang setuju dan mungkin ada yang membangkang.

    Tiada istilah membantu kerajaan kerana kerajaan sudah mempunyai media arus perdana untuk perjelaskan tindak-tanduknya.

    Ini hanya pendapat saya sebagai blogger.


  3. Capt,
    The interviewer managed to tame you.What the hell was he asking you about Malacca Straits? For awhile I thought you wanted to take us for a history lessons on Hang Tuah.

  4. Apparently so, I always believe that bloggers do have a social responsibility to fulfill. And I din't really hear you answer certain that question too directly somehow on the show.

  5. Dear Captain

    Hope you don't get bought in ie compromise by the invitation for the 20-minute fame given by the Govt-controlled media.

    I noticed some bloggers who were interviewed by the Ministry of Information have "lost" some of their independent voices... kind of they felt embarrassed or "did not want to offend" the Ministry of Information or RTM.

    Don't fall into that "comfort zone they offered you. It is subtle but very effective, mostly employed in communist countries.

  6. Frank:

    Not to worry. This old sea dog has had his days in the sun. As a guest, I had to meet my host half-way or else there would have been no dialog.

  7. Captain,

    Have you noticed that both host try their best to put down the bloggers?

    Look at their questions. They attempt to paint a picture that bloggers are a not to be taken seriously.

    Future bloggers should be more vocal. Take hold of the program and steer it your way.Believe me the hosts have nothing much to go on.

    Btw, why are the only looking at SoPo bloggers? When is Kenny Sia appearing?


  8. Salam Captain,


    nice to see you AGAIN on TV!

  9. Well., even FM selangor refused to let the MB of selangor on the air! guess the MB should ask rhem to vacate its premises. can some one dig some where to find out if the state can have its own radio show.
    so long that you did not 'compromise' too much, it is alright, bloggers should show them that we are above such naive behaviour like telling half-truth, be nice and civilized is one thing, be b....licker is another.


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