Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back to Basics

The Star online yesterday reported, here, that deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is now in London, has said that Malaysians must change their mindset and seek alternative sources of energy and not just rely on petrol. "They could consider electric cars," he said.

Electric cars? He must think that these would be cheap now and can almost run on love and fresh air. Typical of a blue-blood, I think, born with a silver spoon in his mouth unlike us peasants born with plastic spoons up our bloody arses.

Shades of Marie Antoinette here, old bean.

Najib has also said that the "government is willing to share the burden in facing price hikes along with the people". And all this while we thought that this has always been a "people's government". Sheeesh.

Perhaps a poor old retiree like me will have to resort to the above (photo) now, although there is a dearth of real donkeys in this country.

But we certainly have no shortage of them in the government.


  1. capt

    not to degrade you. even feeding the donkey may be otoo much with high corn and other commodity prices.
    what does this fella knows. 500 million commission for arms purchase. aiya, govt didnt pay-mah the seller paid so its ok. or 500 million for provision of services such as air-tickets and meals in foreign countries. gee, may i have the contract and i guarantee to slash 50% of the cost and yet they will be well fed. or 500 million and going up for NS program which produces 16 deaths todate. its ok-mah, majority likes the program and number of deaths is miniscule. so whats the problem?
    now, he is asking us to change our lifestyle. lead by example-lah, najib. first ask your wife to do it first and no more shopping in europe at the expense of the country.

  2. Hi Captain , if you think present time is tough , just think 3 months down the road, it will be even tougher . A lot of goods and services will be up up up in prices within a short time.
    Fuel price may be increased again too.

  3. Many of these politicians are speaking thru their arses - not only this one, how about the other (any many others) who's asking civil servants to moonlight?

  4. The donkey in your picture is more useful than we have in the gov... lah.

    So unfortunate to have thems as our leader... who vote them also more "donkier". he he he.

    Sorry... but its the truth.

  5. heheheheh....
    i enjoyed reading your post - honesty is the best policy, even though sometimes honesty could be very bitter...
    true2... all the ministers are asking us the citizens to change our lifestyles...but wat about them? are they willing to take the public transport? believ me, in trg, public transportation is rubbish!!!
    yesterday, i had a lot of things to settle, but due to the weakness of public transportation, it took me almost a day to settle all my chores, which should have taken me half a day...

    so whenever pak lah or any other ministers ask us to change our lifestyles, tell them to walk in our shoes! bastards, the lot of them!

  6. capt.,i have said that thestate gomen of selangor, for a start should widen as many parallel roads as possible along federal 1, see if the toll can go on.isn't the land outside the toll road state owned? then, what is the problem? 1km away, do it!the current gomen can only react to issues upon seeing them. they can't imagine! they nothing to do so! so let pakatan shows the way. after all, it had started on free water, at least 20m3. just do it section by section, within 3 years, you will have enough parallel roads to all the toll roads in selangor!!
    By the way, i like the plot on sign-boards on Tan Sri Khalid! Yes, it is a continuation of Toyol's creation. How vain a person can be!!

  7. Sir,Donkeys aren't the only beasts we have in the government.Practically a freakin zoo in there,i tell you!

  8. Now this is sad. I'm sure Najib knows the cheapest and main-stream available hybrid car costs in excess of RM160k plus plus. That's the Honda Civic hybrid. Don't ever consider the Toyota Prius hybrid as it costs USD3K more than the Camry in the US and it's not available on a widescale basis here.

    Najib's statement gives a false picture of the actual situation. If electric cars are available here, it will be out of reach of many Malaysians due to pricing.
    Sigh, who's the donkey here.

  9. Salam Captain,

    I watched Blog segment in RTM1 last night. I find this blog interesting to discuss on current issues.
    Perhaps, youngsters need this kind of blog rather than something like 'warkah utk pm' where you should fill in a form ur address n phone no. etc. It's like one way communication, just an email.
    About this article I think Najib and Economists team should talking the facts , seeing from the ground not from the mountain.
    The salary increment in govt sector created inflation and off course this oil price hike create more illness to goods price.
    Has he ever think what the employees in private sector feel? No increment but goods price keep increasing.
    Think it Najib. How can we change our lifestyle if our salary in private sector is only RM850/month? Eat rice 3 days at once? And how long transportation sector can keep with current price ticket while the increasing in cost cannot keep they running the business? JUST THINK..Come out with the FACTS.


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