Friday, June 06, 2008

Double Whammy

Like everyone else, I am still reeling from the double whammy of the massive hike in fuel prices and yesterday's increase in electricity tariffs. I suppose all hell will now break loose with other major increases: price of food, transport fares, crime rates, etc.

And they want us to "change our lifestyles". Sheeesh. Have they ever stopped to think what will happen if many people leave their vehicles at home and go to work in buses and trains today? Or even bring home-cooked food for lunch?

This old sea dog who served many years for God, king and country and trying to survive on a pittance is now sufficiently pissed off to want to go shoot somebody.

Finally, to those of you who voted in this government: Go Eat Shit and Die.

(Poster courtesy Kyuzo Uehara. Domo arigato, m'dear)


  1. to all those who supported padat muka, and for those with 5-10 kids who listened to mahathir and had so many kids, ask yourself why were you so stupid to listen to umno, and also to those die hard umno supporters when you are feeding your children grass and rats for food thank your own stupidity for voting in these dogs. these people have forgotten we know malaysia produces oil, it is a national assett to be enjoyed by the rakyat first instead of to go sell it off, this is called greed, since the loss of 5 states, they have to find means and ways to feed the leaches, since no more rezeki from the state govts, so they have to find means and ways to fill the coffers of these dogs to remain in power, don't forget they need money to by votes for the up-coming umno elections, it will be the most dirtiest and a lot of money is needed. the general election has dried up the coffers of umno so they need to replenish the money spent to buy votes. memang to masuk akal, it a no brainer.

  2. Dear Captain,

    You are not so badly affected as I would imagine that you don't have to raise children, servicing car/house installments,caring for parents...

    Just think of our fellow countrymen who earns a low income and have many mouths to feed, all the installments to be paid, parents to care for, children education cost to worry...I wept for the poor and have-not in our country... my God , how are they going to ride out this prices spiraling storm ?

  3. Hello Captain,

    People are being so emotional and angry lah.. (well who isnt, nobody wants price to go down, free things, discounts, now THIS?). But in such situations (maybe it is just me) it helps to think rational instead of spewing more hatred and insults. Of course it works temporarily but sooner or later we have to find ways to deal with price increases anyway. Be it with or without the govt's help. But first off sir, I think we have half of the malaysian citizens who actually voted in the BN, so that sentiment you are proposing for them to eat poop and die, is it really justified and fair? I dont think the rakyat expected this too when they voted anyone in, and it is certainly not their fault this is happening.

    Just a poor soul's opinion.

  4. Yes, I'm really very angry! I cann't afford to retire now even if I wanted to.
    Those who voted in this government: Go Eat Shit and Die. Especially the majority voters from the state of Johore (kubu kuat), Sabah & Sarawak.

  5. To: Ahoy

    People are not angry without reason!
    People are not emotional!
    People are just sick of the way the government is squandering the nation's finances.
    The government has failed to provide efficient public services for the people.
    Instead the government went on a spending spree on wasteful projects like Angkasawan and bailing out cronies' failed companies.
    So please tell us people why should we not be angry?

  6. first, ask the MCA fellas, the Sarawkian and UMNO treasurer to eat shit and die first.

    These fellas were instrumental in screwing RM4.7 billion of rakyats' money via the scandalous Port Klang Free Trade Zone.

    And the sleepy head, instead of going after them for corruption, promoted the Sarawakian to be Deputy Head BBC and the Chor fella as Deputy Minister.

    And now they have the cheek to tell us it cant afford any more subsidies and accept the petrol hike and change our lifestyle.

    Capt, I agree with you. GO EAT SHIT, you corrupt BN.

  7. well said Turban, BN has lost 5 states, traditional cash cows - state governments are particularly lucrative, esp contracts and kickbacks by the thousands of small traders and land scams.
    BN needs the dollars now for the next GE and also to buy off Sabah, Sarawak MPs.

  8. Dear Capt.,

    "Go Eat Shit and Die" doesn't applies to me.

    --PR and DSAI to the rescue 16Sept08.

  9. I think saying Go Eat Shit to other fellow malaysians is not to be tolerated. Is this how we spread so called unity? Captain, mind me, I am a father myself, but do you teach your children such sentiments?

  10. Captain sir, There is nothing i do not agree with you about your blog posting today. Well said! The changinglifestyles is crap (although something we really do have to contemplate seeing how things are now).

    But kesian oo those unversed uncle auntie pakcik makcik who voted for BN kena kutuk by you at the end there :P It's not their fault that they were *duped*

  11. triple whammy for me:

    1. Like you, leave car at home, go by bus or train KL/Furong
    2. Less kambing and going, less tehtarik
    3. More blogging,more angry,more prone to HEart attacks, hospitality bill goesUP:( -- Desi
    PS: Dear AM; don't swear like in lust line, it's knot new PM, nyet!

    PS: Come-lah to Seremban, vve play batu lima, ride the astronut craft and breathe clean air at Lake Gardens, "smell" the fragrance of A&W,pickUP Rut Bir botles, 10 to XXchange for one botol root beer:)

  12. Dear Capt,


    ketawa guling2 baca posting capt yg ni..

    feel free to paste this on your blog..

  13. "Go Eat Shit and Die"

    These are extremely harsh words from a mild-mannered ancient mariner.
    This means he is angry, and he can only be made angry by exceptional circumstances.

  14. Wo Capt,

    Never heard you're this pissed off before.

    Don't just shoot somebody. Shoot Snoozie!

    i am outta here. hehehe

  15. Capt,

    The thing that truly eats me up is the gomen extracting the billions of savings from the rakyats and then burning all those billions saved on stupid brainless schemes which doesn't benefit one little bit to the rakyats.

    That even pisses me off further especially when you hear capable qualified kids unable to get scholarships (pittance as compared to the wastage) for their education.

    All these people who steals fom the rakyats should be curse to a life of hell and damnation.

    P.S. sorry lah for the venom, but, they simply deserve it !!

  16. Dear Ancient but wise mariner:

    I just copied "Go Eat Shit and Die..." in my UPDATEd post for the ilks like wan "bigmace" who wanted to be charitable to BN bigwigs of which his father/gardfather must be vey tankful for some bits of the billion$ daylight robs off the Rakayt (via Petronas' unaccounted for accounts!:)

    Hey, book thee for wedNURSEdae's -- there si still some "Free runch" some times:)-- Desi:)

  17. Hey Captain Sir,

    This will make you even more pissed off, government has increased the price of sugar by 20 sen today !

  18. Dear Ancient Mariner and the rest of your readers, I understand where you are coming from when you utter expletives at the increase in fuel prices but Malaysia is fast running out of oil. Faster still if we do not curb its demand. So I do support the increase in fuel prices (yes, I can afford it but I also cycle to work to reduce my carbon footprint). As for the suggestion Malaysia uses its own crude oil, it is not so simplistic. Why do we sell our drude oil? Come by my blog at and read about it.

  19. virtualmystic

    no, the country is not running out of oil. its basically going to become a net importer in a few years time with local consumption exceeding exports. But, there's huge gas reserves which havent been taken into account.
    Sure, the citizens ought to be freaking angry with such a whopping increase as we are still a net exporter. Where has the money gone from the additional profits? Evaporated into the pockets of the corrupt ministers and their cronies? and we are all asked to change our lifestyle so that a small group can live in style?
    may be, you can enlighten us on this, yes?

  20. Capt., with this increase,esp. diesel,goods for export and import would surely NAIK, you and I have to bear this with whatever ringgit we have; since we have so little, next option is to tighten our belts. For those in BN, no problem lah, plenty more in the National Bank of Israel! Come what may, they will live happy thereafter! We need to tell the rural folks the reality of the situation by translating many of this information into lingo they understand. We are already suffering from disappearing FDIs and with this ACT, we will find ourselves with higher transport cost than actual cost of goods! keep increasing the tolls!!!


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