Friday, March 07, 2008

50 Years is Enough

All hands on deck.

With less than 24 hours to go, I am not one to ceramah or sermonise but if you are reading this, then I take it that you have the brains to think and old enough to vote. So lets do it tomorrow. Lets change this corrupt and inept government and get us a new one. Lets not be fooled again.



  1. Dear Captain,

    As a fellow MCOBA ; it is about time we stand up and be counted. From my perspective, one of the greatest failures of MCOBA is that we are not strong enough in affirming the sense of values ( fairness, justice and a humanistic worldview ) befitting of an education at MCKK.

    We should be the ones that uphold and defend good values and fair administrative and political systems irrespective of race, religion,political beliefs, gender and even godlessness.

    There are too many of us who are more than prepared to succumb to racism, narrow religionistic and exclusive views - and rest those on the laps of expediency.

    I doubt Anwar is the man representing an all encompassing perspective going forward : as his rhetoric do race ahead of reality and executable solutions.

    But certainly he is a better bet than Badawi - whose rhetoric is plaintive sermonising devoid of substance.

    I do hope that Anwar is less of an amorphous element going forward.

    MCKK 73.

  2. capt, I certainly expect your gang at mckk, being what it was designed to be, should take a firm stand to prevent this rapacious behaviour of the current leadership against our country! Failure to do so would paint a poor sense of your gang being selected to play its rightful role but did not. Preferring to watch the scence unfolding into deeper schism of the nation. It would certainly be a SHAME!!

  3. Ay ay Captain.

    I am voting against corruption, corrupted judiciary, cronyism , nepotism and all the misdeeds of BN .
    I vote for Barisan Rakyat.


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