Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Aftermath

A funny thing happened at the Kelana Jaya polling station yesterday. As I walked past the BN tent with my family in tow, I jokingly asked the head honcho who happens to be a neighbour of mine,"OK, where's my MONEY?"

O boy, I will never forget the startled look on his face. But the man quickly recovered his composure, patted my arm reassuringly and said,"Later, cap'n, later. Please go and vote first".


Anyway, the rakyat has spoken. Not only has the Opposition Barisan Rakyat denied the ruling BN government a two-third majority in parliament but is now set to form the government in 5 key states. Syabas to the people of Malaysia.

I was at the Blog House in Damansara until late last night with fellow bloggers Tony, Haris, Ewoon, Shar101 and others to monitor incoming election results live from Malaysiakini and also from other sources at various polling centers in the country. Each good news was greeted with loud cheering by all present. Someone even brought a cake to celebrate Samy's birthday and departure.

There is hope for all of us yet.


  1. Yes Capt. Yusof, the people have indeed spoken loudly and clearly.

    Lots of hard work lies ahead for the Barisan Rakyat.

    But with humility, sincerity, dedication and considering multi-racial and multi-religious make up of the victorious opposition coalition, successful be assured.

  2. Captain

    I cracked up after I read your post on the Money joke.

    Those chaps at the Comedy Court (who produced those video clips eg Election Blah, Blah etc ) need writers like you for their shows.

    It is a great day to wake up this SUNDAY. We have been waiting for something like this to happen for... 30 years.. or more.

    Its great to be alive in Malaysia today.

  3. The people have decided! now is thetime for those who are elected to make the BEST of it. Use the FAITH of the people of these 5 States to show the rest of the country what they are capable of.Rule with wisdom and in honesty, the rest of the country will follow in 5 years' time. My very best wishes to their endeavour to achieve such wonderful results. The ALMIGHTY MUST HAVE INTERVENED!!! cAPT, YOUR PERSISTENCE WITH pkfz has no doubbt contributed to the over-all perception of the puiblic of what they have to do! Well done!!

  4. Capt, it was a great night, history in making. Thanks for coming over, and oh yes, the cake was from Walski!

    Theres a lot of work ahead....

    full steam ahead!

  5. capt., the issue I fear the most is some people begin to imagine only their 'contributing influence' and start to 'demand' for 'positions'. This would be a bad start to the Barisan Raayat'. Changes we have made, but at the grassroot level, more decerning appoarch is needed. My only hope is for rationality to prevail among the 3 parties, any unwanted rocking of the sampan will bring back BN! So, let's all pray for commonsense be the guide line!.

  6. Dear YA,

    The verdicts have been given. Now is the time to walk the talk and the true Wakil Rakyat to serve the Rakyat.

    The BA has to put the interest of the people and the country above themselves in building confidence and cooperation in the new States.

  7. Power corrupts, as they say. Here's hoping that these guys don't become a cliché.

  8. Capt.,

    We still have to pressure Pak Lah to drop his past cabinet members and start afresh. This means no Najib,Hisham,Rafidah,Samy,Nazri....

    We have seen these shameless poops declaring loyalty to the PM yesterday. Pak Lah should take Toyo's penyapu and sweep them out of the cabinet.

  9. capt, we gave AAB the mandate in 2004, he used it to take care of his personal interests instead of solving the EVILS prevailing in the country. He should have bitten the bullet and took the most sensible decisions he promised us at the eve of that GE. Instead he did nothing and then asked us to give him another term! I asked ' what for?'. The situation could only worsened!! The few clear cut cases on corruption could have saved his promises to the raayat. Instead he did nothing, and still asked us to evaluate his leadership! He nust be out of his mind!! I must admit that he is one person I felt I had made the most terrible judgement of human character!


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