Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good Advice, Bad Advice

Lim Kit Siang is only the adviser to the Democratic Action Party (DAP). His call for DAP to boycott the PAS candidate Perak MB swearing in ceremony was indeed being biadab or disrespectful to the Regent, especially since the royal decision was based on an earlier premise that the choice of candidate will be accepted by all parties. Bad advice. Lim has since apologised to the Regent but the ceremony I believe has been postponed because PKR has now threatened to leave the coalition government due to some misunderstanding. Again, PKR must have been wrongly advised. (Read the Malaysiakini report, here).

Earlier, Gerakan's Lim Keng Yaik has also voiced out his concerns to the prime minister about 'bad advisers' in the Barisan Nasional fold (read Rocky's take on this, here) and his view that 'cowboys' are spoiling the name of the party. Pretty good advice here, methinks.

Of late we are also getting free unsolicited advice from the likes of the former prime minister, his former deputy Musa Hitam et al, which to my mind are not really much help to the political situation in the country. This also reminds me of the joke about the young executive who came out of his first board meeting looking very pleased with himself. When someone asked what happened, he said, "I think I have been appointed a "sexual adviser" to the boss."

"Sexual adviser to the boss? What do you mean?"

"Well, every time I opened my mouth to say something, the boss said whenever he wants my fucking advice he will ask for it!"


  1. yes, good advice from LKY, but i wonder who the 'cowboys' were that he was referring to. if indeed they are the young turks, then its approriate to give them some real 'fucking' advice.


  2. I guess everyone should read Raja Petra's analysis.

    PAS jumped the gun before the announcement by HRH Raja Nazrin. So in essence, both parties are caught off guard. Not to mention these are crucial days, everything is in a state of flux and ever-changing. So I can emphatise with the state of mind of those who's directly involved.

    Has anyone of you been caught in an ever changing web, where everything you should do depends on everything else that has not happened ?

    Also, reading Tony Pua's opinion, an MB holds immense power in a state, therefore, starting off on a right footing is crucial.

    I guess we have to see how it plays out. 50 years of mental conditioning is a hard thing to break overnight.

    What we had on March 8 2008 is a revolution, of sorts and with all revolution you need time to let the dust settles.
    We're all human and the mind can only comprehend so much change in a day, but what is crucial here is the breakaway from racial politics, accountability and transparency in governance.

  3. Your humour is a typical cockpit joke - the Flight Engineer is the Captain's sexual adviser.

    It's a pleasant change from the LKS bashing that's happening on the websites.

    Hopefully, the lose coalition is big enough to overcome this slight hiccup - no easy task for 3 different parties to be in a marriage of convenience within a short time.

    Let achieving the bigger objective in the bigger agenda prevail.

  4. good adviser, bad adviser.

    advise till the cows come home. reality is that the rice is cooked. get down and manage the country. 5 years will fly by and is there going to be another round of good advice and bad advice?


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