Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I wasnt exactly holding my breath over yesterday's announcement of the new 'trimmed-down' cabinet line-up by the prime minister. More of the same, I thought. In fact, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has warned that the new cabinet line-up will only spark more turmoil in UMNO. “The other coalition partners are also in serious trouble. They cannot claim to have the support of their own communities and constituents any more,” he said. (Read the Malaysiakini report, here).

I was more excited over reports that Selangor’s newly appointed Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim have said that he was going to review a lop-sided water supply agreement entered by the previous state government with two companies on the eve of the polling day. “I have noticed there is some imbalance between the revenues (that would have been accorded) to the state and the people," he said. This 'sweetheart deal' based on political influence would only have enriched the people who got the concession. Selfish crony capitalism, if you ask me.

Perhaps this is the start of more reviews in future of many more lop-sided deals made by the previous administration e.g., the toll road concessionaires, et al. Of special interest to me is the dubious land deal made with another favourite 'sweetheart', Kuala Dimensi/Wijaya Baru for the Port Klang Free Zone land which the outgoing parliamentary Public Accounts Committee have failed miserably to uncover ... and the PAC chairman is now a full minister. Sheesh.

Anyway, things are beginning to get more interesting, eh?


  1. Captain,
    Is this the way of closing the eyes and mouth of the PAC chairman by appointing him as a Minister? So now we know how people can change their stance under different situations. We had so much hope on Shahrir. Now he becomes hopeless.

  2. Hopefully Shahrir will stand by his principle....
    Interesting as it may be, I can't wait for more cases to be opened in Selangor...
    ps-my Papa also from MCKK... he sticked the MCOBA sticker on his office's front door...yea rite!!!!

  3. Port Klang Free Zone land deal indeed should be highlighted as a top priority subject for review, then there are dubious toll roads, and so on and so forth.
    The previous state government [gang of plunderers] feathered their nests with so many scams (oh! oh! typo should it have been schemes?), or maybe best to call them 'scam-schemes'!!!
    Let's get out the shovels boys and girls, there are tons of shit to be cleared away.

  4. Captain

    Thank you for keeping alive the PKFZ SCANDAL.

    The culprits for that scandal must be flushed and dumped into the pits. Its taxpayers money.

    Who can keep tab on this scandal better than you, captain.

    I have been regular follower of your blog.


  5. Hi Captain,
    Am new to your part of the pond, and have been impressed with your postings, esp. your tenacity in keeping the PKFZ issue alive.

    We now have more very qualified and credible representatives from DAP, PKR and PAS serving us in both federal and state govts. I'm certain much can and will be done to benefit the rakyat, starting with the water and toll issues. Then we can move to cleaning up the dirt accumulated over the years and changing the mindsets of the civil servants to ensure a clean and efficient govt. for all.

    Keep up the good work, Sir.

  6. capt, on the question of FZ that was brought up, wasn't the land that was owned by the cooperative given by the State? wasn't there some kind of conditions attached to it, since I believe it was given for a certain purpose. Anyway, I hope the State Gomen can do some thing to the issue of Toll which I sincerely believe was and is still a ploy to enslave the average Malaysians to support TDM's cronies for a couple of generations to come!! Strictly looking at the Federal 1, it was day-light robbery, to say the least. The State Gomen should link-up Subang jaya to Central Sugar area, let at least those who stay in SJ an outlet which was originally promised by TDM that the people would be given a choice to use the toll or not. Looking at the whole of Klang Valley, this option was NEVER applied. People have to pay for the man-made congestion in the populated areas! What non-sense !!
    Capt, keep sprouting those issues that affect the raayat alive!

  7. Capt,

    What's holding up that bloke with the MOT letters? You know who I'm referring to.

    With the BR state government, there's more avenues to dig up the dots and link them to a just conclusion. Bring in the Royals too. And ZI is supposedly in charge of judiciary reforms.

    The UMNO schemers have got to be exposed and brought to court. Ironically, the MCA players have stepped back.

  8. Is this the way of closing the eyes and mouth of the PAC chairman by appointing him as a Minister...

    yes do u think the PAC is relevent.......

    Port Klang Free Zone for me r history....

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  10. Captain, The Puncak Niaga was created to help kampumg malays the loyal supporters to be able to share the cake. However, over the years, it has benefitted just a few who has become ultra rich. Can you explain how one of the engineers owning a one million over ringgit bungalow in an exclusive residential area and having a few luxury cars. Let the BPR handle this and hopefully they are all clean, otherwise their families will be very very disappointed knowing that the wealth accumulated is all HARAM.

  11. Ho-hum... what? Sweetheart deals? Lopsided agreements?

    What else are gonna spring out the proverbial Pandora's Box? Many, many more I'm sure.

    Dirty, dirty. Yeah, we sure live in interesting times, Bang Capt. Glad to be around to savor it and I wish it was possible to wipe the once-smirk of that once-powerful dentist with a penchant for tempe...


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