Saturday, March 15, 2008

Enter the Royals

In Malay, we say retak menanti belah or cracks leading to disintegration, or words to that effect.

While the ruling Barisan Nasional federal government were possibly gloating over the hiccups happening in the formation of 4 state governments it lost in the recent general election, all is not peachy in the states of Perlis and Terengganu where HRH the Raja and the Sultan respectively have chosen to exercise their constitutional rights over the choice of Mentris Besar. Earlier, the Sultan of Selangor and the Regent of Perak have also indicated that they were not willing to accept just about anyone they feel will not serve the interests of their states and their subjects. Another constitutional crisis in the making?

To top it all, Mukhriz son of former prime minister Dr Mahathir has followed in his father's footsteps by writing a letter asking Pak Lah to quit, a day after he had affirmed his undivided support. Chances are now he will be given the boot like his father suffered about 40 years ago. Posters (photo, from Rocky's blog) have also been put up in public places in support of his call. Some members of BN component parties are also calling for their leaders to step down.

There have also been illegal street demonstrations by UMNO groups in Penang and elsewhere when not very long ago they have said that such public displays of protests are not the 'Malaysian way'. Sheeesh.

Anyway, lots of luck to United Malays National Organisation. They have again not only successfully divided the Malays but also their own members. Our founding fathers must surely be rolling in their graves about now.


  1. Salam Capt,

    Indeed Mukhriz is a brave man for sticking his neck out and it seems very likely that he'll get the boot. Such is the culture of UMNO... unable to take criticms from its own party members. Such blind arrogance with practically no chance of self-renewal.

    But the point to note here is that Mukhriz is trying to save the `new' UMNO that his father created from the ashes of an earlier crisis. The original UMNO ceased to exist a long time ago...

  2. Hi Capt,
    PM Badawi haven't woken up to realize the amount of damage he has inflicted on UMNO. In reality, UMNO has lost the central power if not for Sabah and Sarawak.

    The sycophants in UMNO sure to support him so they can continue to ride the gravy train.

    If he hangs on to power this full term, you can be rest assured there wouldn't be anymore UMNO after the next GE.

    I hope he wouldn't make his abominable son-in-law a minister.

  3. i dont think mukhriz will be punished. paklah has asked hishamuddin to deal with this, but according the the umno constitution, only the umno disciplinary board can mete out punishment. hishamuddin's hands are tied in this matter.

    firstly he can't by constitution kick or punish mukhriz, secondly if he does illegally, he'll be extremely unpopular among grassroots. there's a campaign against hisham running at kmu at the moment waiting for his move. he'll be next to boot if anything happens to mukhriz.

  4. there are outside petitions calling for the ouster of Badawi. hey, this is UMNO's internal politics. let them sort out the mess themselves. you reap what you sow, isnt it?

  5. Let me just add another saying Cap to this effect: "dah terantuk baru nak terngadah..."

  6. let me add.....
    maybe after will be
    sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga

  7. Langgar buntut RapidKL,
    Lori Hantu gelek bangkai.

  8. capt., did you notice that after the GE, members of BN would try to analyze the reasons for its failure.
    They talk almost about many irrelevant issues except: CORRUPTION, CRONYISM and THEIR HIGH-HANDED HANDLING of many issues.Those were the reasons for its failures. People are fed-up of all those issues. Blantant lies being sprouted everywhere. And they still talked about how to win the hearts of the voters using emotional subjects towards this end.
    Assuming that to-days' voters are the same of yester-years! It is certain they never learn! They should continue to do the same, then come next GE, they would all be wiped clean off the table!!!
    Ha! Ha! Ha! for the BR!


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