Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

When I would usually doze off or fiddle with my cellphone, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday afternoon during Friday prayers when the young Imam spoke about saving the environment instead of the usual tiresome sermon about saving everybody's souls and hinting darkly about 'enemies of Islam', etc. A sign of better things to come with the new state administration? Wallah-u-alam.

Anyway, theStar online reports, here, that Penangites have been urged to turn off their home lights for an hour, between 8pm and 9pm on Saturday 29 March 2008, that is today, to participate in the Earth Hour 2008 campaign in conjunction with Malaysia's first Earth Day. This is to join 24 other cities worldwide to reduce global warming by reducing energy usage and wastage.

Earth Hour started as a joint initiative among WWF-Australia, Fairfax Media and Leo Burnett for the city of Sydney with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Sydney by 5% in 2007. Those interested to be part of this global campaign can also sign up for Earth Hour at:

We can all also do our part in our own small ways. So lights off tonight for an hour at 2000 hrs. Afraid of the dark? Go light a candle.


  1. together we can help promote the good things for our future generations.

  2. hi mr. ex-pilot!

    haha! i'm the chinese guy in The Star newspaper. i would like to say tq for helping us spreading this message.

    onlt Tuhan can repay ypur good deeds. =p

  3. Sir,

    It is a very sad blotch on our nation's position in the global arena.

    Our country's leaders' missing this one hour global initiative, speaks volumes of the bankrupt social equation -- primarily caused by the political screw-ups besieging the nation.

    It is even more disgraceful as the MSM did not even take upon themselves this CSR initiative to publicise and encourage Malaysians to join the world.

    Fortunately, once again the bloggers' community has risen with their deep commitment for the hopes in creating a better world for a better people. Syabas.

    If not for the blogs me and my family would have missed this significant global intiative in conservation.

    Well, as for our leaders and the government -- whatever happened to all your clamouring about 'Think global, act local' and 'Think glocal'?

    In essence, when corruption and self interests overtake, we miss out in being a part of that global community that is changing for the better.

    There goes our Vision 2020 !!

    Will the Honorable PM please explain this or will this too be swept under the carpet.

  4. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Earthhour is the westerner's way of salving their conscience. After that one hour, they all go back to their gas-guzzling, crazy consumerist spending, switch on all their electrical gizmos like dishwashers!!! and give themselves a pat on the back.
    Do something more potent like using smaller cars, use public transport, reduce your car trips, do more walking to the pasar tani which is about 15minutes distance from the house, switch off all the standbys on your machines, teach the kids to switch off the lights whenever they leave any room, and many other countless ways to 'save' the environment. Things that you need to do EVERY DAY, that require more care and thought and maybe a little discomfort.
    Please do not fall into the Westerner's ways of saving the world. They above all have been very responsible for what's happening now to the world's climate. One hour on Earthday? What a lot of poppycock!!!!

  5. Somehow, earth as any other system will seek its own equilibrium and require pre-emptive actions.


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