Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Al Fatihah

(Source: Sin Chew Jit Poh)

Datuk Zakaria Md Derus, 62, the former Port Klang Assemblyman who gained fame as the controversial builder of the illegal personal palatial mansion (photo) in Pandamaran, has died yesterday morning of a heart attack. Read yesterday's Malaysiakini report, here.

Read also my earlier blog about him: Rich Politician, Poor Politician, here.

I am not one to speak ill of the dead but the man has gone to meet his Maker where he may have to answer some very tough questions and I do not envy him. It also goes to show that you just cannot take it with you.

Al Fatihah.


  1. Al Fatihah, to Datuk Zakaria Md Deros

  2. capt,

    It seems to me you have already written the man's epitaph more than a year ago? Al fatihah

  3. i wonder why did his son asked us to forgive his father?
    hope he could elaborate more bout his father.

  4. Zakaria has gone, good bye to him, but his palatial edifice remains, but even that may be torn asunder if the new State Government finds out it is illegal.

    If it has been unlawfully built, it would be a perfect solution if it could be turned into a home for orphans, or other deserving persons.
    Or perhaps it could be utilised as a residential Hospis Care Centre?
    let some good come out of the evil.

  5. What is happening actually in Perak?????

  6. Pak Mariner,
    sayang, now will be filled with sadness and tears forever. People will always talk and continue till the next generation and so forth. Better put to good use, eg, orphanage, madrasah. We cannot forget this lesson and I hope the rest of Malaysia will remember this. Salam ..

    Kelasi laut


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