Sunday, July 06, 2008

Anti-fuel hike rally

The changed venue for the day-long anti-fuel hike rally, the Kelana Jaya stadium, is just behind the condo where I live so there was no excuse for me not to join a few of my blogger friends* (photo) to attend the rally this morning.

There was a carnival like atmosphere and my estimate was there were only about 10,000 protesters instead of a million, which was hardly surprising considering the various threats issued by the government, police road blocks, military presence and a police helicopter circling overhead around the stadium. Even our cellphones were mysteriously jammed for long periods which prevented calls and SMS messages. (We could see people on the roof top of an adjacent building where the antennas are located). Dirty poker, indeed.

I left early and on the short walk home, I bumped into a young cousin of mine who happens to be the local chapter head of a BN main component party. He was truly convinced that we Malays are finished if Anwar Ibrahim becomes prime minister especially since he is a "US lackey". I told him that we Melayu akan hilang di dunia under the present government and if he believes that bit about the US lackey thingy then he must also believe that I am his fairy godmother.

* (Photo from left to right: Lokeman the Flyer, Melvin the Taffer, Bernard the Zorro-Unmasked and Gus the Fisherman).


  1. It enables us to express our feelings and opinions.

  2. Dear Captain,

    I cannot help thinking that our forefathers were a wiser humanity than the citizens of today.

    At least they had the vision to stand up against the British masters who were powerful. And as a result we had merdeka.

    But today, despite all the expose of corruption, mafia-style policing, devastated judiaciary and what have you, the people are clinging to a dead horse - the BN formula that has outlived its lifespan.

    So much for Malaysians!

  3. dear matey;

    Can I be "his" fairy GOoDfatherah?
    I gift angpow every CNY, HR, deepavali and all holydies:)

    Cheers, have one tehtari' on Desi for this write/rire/writHe...:(
    Kambing only at Lingam's -- don't forget the Other sailor boy! ship ahoy!:) Yo didn't bump into Stu? He was supposed to CONway my Hugs and US gold...bars

  4. Captain,

    Itu orang pekan capt., orang kampong lagi banyak diperbodohkan oleh umno . 5 tahun sekali they get kain batik,1 kilo of sugar 5 kilos of rice.Then the road is very clear.

  5. good day captain... im the fat chinese guy sitting in front of rocky... lawan tetap lawan... cheers!

  6. Captain,
    Your young cousin has only seen one side of the coin. Time for him to see the other side, then he will have a different impression.

  7. Captain,
    this is what it means "belum cukup makan garam", or "katak di bawah tempurung".

  8. assalamualaikum captain,

    tidak melayu hilang di dunia, bangsa sendri yg melenyapkan ..dan di sebab kan oleh itu la..kite perlukan bangsa sendri tuk bangun menentang pengkhianat bangsa..belum lagik yg luper kepada agama islam..

    suka baca your tk ble lawan la english captain ehehehe...take care..

  9. michael song:

    that wasnt rocky. i believe he is on strike.

  10. Assalamualaikum Captain,

    I was there too. And if U could remember I am the one in brown jacket (adidas) was greeting U at the right of the stage.
    A few day before the rally, there are mass warning thru the mainstream media. Even I am an AIC member I have to think twice before going there. There is a lot possibility might be attemp by draconian BN side.
    I arrived at 2.30 and return to my home to Bdr Sri Damansara at 3.30. Firstly, the sound system are so bad and I can hear what speech is all about, only hear "HIDUP, HIDUP, HIDUP RAKYAT". It was a headache when hearing ridiculous music by amateur musician (I think they were invited to wrong occasion).
    At 9.30pm I came again after took panadol & a nap. There were 30,000 crowd. With better sound system & Anwar's speech. We believe many people want to joint the rally. But they were frightened by the Power of BN. What are the solution we can coming up to?

  11. Dear Captain Yusof,

    You have a very nice & interesting Blogsite if I may say so.

    That is a good candid shot of us (your mates!) at the Landmark event last sunday.

    Cheers, take care & keep up the interesting Blogs.


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