Thursday, July 17, 2008

While the cat's away ...

My jovial friend and fellow mariner Capt. Leibbrandt (you may have seen him playing colonial mat salleh types in some local made-for-TV movies) was mugged and robbed while on his way home a couple of nights ago. He was also slashed with a parang at the back of his neck. My Dutchman friend is a tough nut to crack but bleeding profusely, it was fortunate that his neighbour was just reversing his car to go out for dinner with his wife. They drove him to a nearby clinic where he was given 7 stitches and an anti tetanus injection.

The assailants were four mat rempit on two motorcycles. They had shouted "Mati!" when they attacked him. The captain regrets having had to report that they were Melayu for fear the case will just be treated NFA ... no further action.

What is happening to our beloved country?


  1. Sorry Capt to read about your friend. What to do? Our police are more interested in setting up roadblocks to prevent imaginary citizens walking in protest to parliament.

  2. Wishes speedy recovery to your Dutch friend who was brutally attacked and slashed by "mat rempits".

    We all know that its no longer safe , even at our own door steps.
    I know it , we know it , our neighbours know it too.
    However , amazingly those ministers claims not knowing about this.
    Calling the polis will be a bad idea.Unless its just to get a report for medical and insurance claim.

    Speedy recovery to your friend, i think i saw him in some tv drama before.After all, how many mat salleh will appears in our local drama.

  3. el capitan.. hope your fellow mariner recover well.. dumbass rempits always seek opportunities to beat up anyone these days..
    but as my colleague says.. there are 2 kinds of rempits.. the educated ones who rempits because these dumbass likes to ride fast and there's the other dumbass who races for the prize chic whom they can share with other dumbass and film it on camera phone..
    i like the first one better as they can be brought back to the civilised world, as the case of my colleague.. the latter? lost generation......

  4. capt., they have been championed by our potential PM stuff! mabe this is his style to tell malaysians that he can control both the paid G....ters and also those who are permitted to do that to your dear friend. Malaysia Boleh!!!Those bums should be catpulted at a distance, maybe from your house! as they are too many of them around!

  5. Capt.. Its sad that a good friend like Capt Liebbrandt who has spent a greater part of his working life towards the betterment of the Malaysian maritime industry had to undergo such a harrowing experience. As most of these Mat Rempits are teenagers, its about time their parents are held accountable for their children's actions. I mean really throw the book at them!!

  6. Capt,

    Firstly sorry to hear abt what happened to yr friend. Secondly as a Malay I feel ashamed that Malays are 'good' at such thing only.

    I wonder what's so diffcult to deal with mat rempits. It boils down to lack of will. What abt confiscating their machines and bringing on water canons. I'm sure their determination is not as steely as reformasi fighters. But then unlike reformasi fighters, mat rempits are no threat to govt survival, never mind if the community, especially Malay is to be in ruins.


  7. Hi Capt,
    Thank God your friend is alright. Why don't they send in the Balaclavas commandos after these mat rempit criminals.
    Aw i forgot they will only send the commandos after decent people of this country.
    Speedy recovery to your friend and keep blogging.


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