Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fauzi to the Fore

(Source: Malaysiakini)

Malaysiakini today reports, here, that former deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department and ex-Kuantan member of parliament Fauzi Abdul Rahman (photo) has left UMNO to join Anwar Ibrahim's PKR.

Like Anwar, Fauzi was one of my MCKK contemporaries. He is also the son of the late Abdul Rahman Talib, a former minister of education during the early years. At a packed press conference organised by Anwar today, he said he quit politics in 2003 but decided to make a comeback after witnessing recent events in the local political scenario. "I think it is time that Malaysians wake up and form a tangible two-party system where UMNO and Barisan Nasional's loss is the people's gain. So I thought I wanted to be a part of it," he said.

Fauzi was also instrumental is exposing improprieties in the issuance of logging permits during the tenure of former Pahang mentri besar Khalil Yaakob between 1986 to 1999. For reasons which passeth all understanding, Khalil, who was also an UMNO secretary general, is now governor of Melaka.


  1. There is a BIG VERY BIG difference if Pakatan and DSAI comes to power vs the current BeeEnd power structure and you should highlight it in your blog.

    If DSAI ever comes to power, people should not worry, because DAP and PAS comes to power also as EQUAL partners. Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru will not just let DSAI do as he wants.

    This will truly be a check and balance govt. Likewise , PAS cant do as they want without angering DAP and also DAP cant do as they want without angering PAS. Because if any of the 3 walks out of Pakatan, Pakatan Rakyat will fall as the Govt. So , all 3 parties work together!...No one single party can call the shots, ie PAS cant simply 'impose' the Islamic state concept without DAP agreeing............DAP cant simply take away the constituionally protected 'special rights' without PAS agreeing.....and finally DSAI cant do as and what he pleases without Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang in concurrence....becoz with Pakatan Rakyat, any of the 3 walking away, they will fall!...............that is REAL check and balance and a true coalition

    That is the difference vs DSAI 10 years ago when he was in BeeEnd.

    now compare above with the situation In BeeEnd,................ everybody knows Badawi and Najis can do as they want. UMNO rules BeeEnd as Superme King. All the rest, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc etc etc are just running dogs and prostitutes for their masters in UMNO! That is why you have corruption galore!..u call whats happening now in BeeEnd a coalition of partners????

    That is the real difference between a Pakatan Rakyat Federal Govt and the current corrupt govt we have.

  2. Syabas Datuk Fauzi. Individuals like you are men worth your salt. At least you strike when the rod is right - unlike some crows that are just waiting by the fence to only flock at a 'safe' time.

    Men like you are people who will help carve a brave new world for all Malaysians.

    God bless you and your family.

  3. Is it really a two-party system now ?
    Isn't it a two-coalition-of-racial parties system?

    In BN we have UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, PBB, PBS and others.

    In PR we have PAS, DAP, PKR, Parti Sosialis.

    Some claimed to be multi-racial but many are racially biased.

    Whatever. But we have no two-party system yet unlike tupperware and corningware party

  4. Kepten .. let's hope he will battle on for the people and not due to vendetta...

  5. The man is one of the few Umno people with integrity , well done Sir.

  6. Captain Sir, There is a perfectly good reason to be "made" a Govenor (for whichever State that is convenient} because I believe that there is provision somewhere obscure in the State Legislation that the Govenor CANNOT be prosecuted. This was the case of one of the previous Govenors of Sarawak (Yakup - the uncle of the current CM). Yakup was the CM of Sarawak for quite a number of years and of course ther would be tons of evidence to hang him high and dried should someone with gumption dig into it. SO by being appointed as the Governor of Sarawak it was a widely know fact that he bought IMMUNITY for himself for life.

  7. Captain, the rot will continue. UMNO do not reprimand, much less punish with punitive actions its recalcitrant, delinquent and corrupt members. They just transfer them out and promote them to positions to keep up their momentum to rape, exploit and plunder at the expense of the poor. Like Rome, UMNO will fall, slowly but surely and take down the country wioth them UNLESS PKR goes into overtaking gear.

  8. Capt,

    Like to respond to comment on "governor can't be prosecuted". I believe logically that's not true becoz even Agong and Sultans can now be brought to court (thru special court). Obviously governors rank below Agong and Sultans. However lawyers out there pls say yr piece to clarify the confusion. Also there's this confusion that a Tun can't be easily brought to court. Again I think this is not true. Legal advice pls so that we don't carry on with misguided facts.


  9. capt., governor can't be charged 4 any wrong? so is a Tun? What crap is this? maybe someone at the very moment would ask the AGONG for a Tunship? I guess not with the current HRH. ha! ha! maybe he has missed this boat of immunity!!anyway i hope more ex-es of caliber and honor will jump ship to make it capsize faster!

  10. Hi All,

    Now that BN is in disarray, why is PR sleeping? Where is their shadow cabinet ?

    Zorro, what's the point of overtaking when PR can't even get their house inorder.

    PR must start to setup their shadow cabinet and start showing that they govern the country otherwise, it'll be a repeat of after they've won 4 states in the election(Kelantan was a continuation, so no problem) fighting for speaker, exco, councillor,etc.

    An economic agenda to consider

  11. Generasi muda akan menjadi penentu dalam membina kerajaan masa hadapan dan merekalah yang perlu diangkut beramai ramai.

    Yang pencen, masam bukan tidak berbabloi untuk dibawa masuk cuma takut, membawa virus lebih daripada antibody.

  12. Whatever you address yourselves, will come back to square, we are Malaysian.

    For this, I encourage all Malaysians, especially Malay brothers and sisters, to participate in Dr. Hsu’s Forum,

    Dr. Hsu, a Gerakan member, is Bangsa Malaysia of the ‘truest’ sense. Whether you agree or disagree, I believe in diversity, ‘DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH’ fellow Malaysians.


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