Thursday, July 31, 2008


S.O.S.- Ship of Shame. Thats what Barisan Nasional is now. And it is sinking, so I say let it sink and good riddance.

I dont need to see a medical report to convince me that he didnt do it. I have known the guy for almost half a century for crying out loud.

Isnt there any integrity left amongst our so called professionals in this country? Read Din Merican's "Integrity: Where art thou in BolehLand?", here.

No, I am also not on strike, just pretty much fed up and disgusted with whats happening on the political scene.

Update at 1700hrs: Malaysiakini reports, here, that PKR and Opposition leader Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has submitted her resignation letter to the House speaker today. This will pave the way for her husband Anwar Ibrahim to contest a by-election for her Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat.

Update 2 at 1730hrs: It was also reported, here, that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has ruled out any form of cooperation with UMNO, including the possibility of forming a joint government at state or federal levels.

Now that about makes my day.


  1. This is sensational:

    "SAC II Rodwan Met Saiful 3 Days Earlier in Romm619 at Concorde Hotel, KL."

    RPK at Malaysia2Day

    Why haven't the MSM printed/reported it or other bloggers followed up, what are they afraid of? This shows how cowed and cowardly our free and floating virtual press has become.

    Sub-judice? My ass!! Merely reporting what's already on the WWW cannot be defamatory. That's what the newspapers are supposed to do - not SPINDOCTOR accoerding to the Editors' prejudices!!

    read also 'anwar ibrahim - j'accuse' at

  2. I have known my father my entire life. Late last year I found out he's a serial womanizer. Isn't that what skeletons in the closet means?

  3. Hi Capt.,

    I'm similarly disgusted so much so that I loathe listening to or reading the news even those from independent sources.

    I pray that these so called leaders get back to their senses and think of the common people who are struggling to make ends meet.


  4. Captain, you're not the only one fed-up and disgusted with our political scene. Seems like our "ship" has too many captains with no sense of direction .. some even sleeping on the job. Hope "someone" will come along and steer her on the right course very soon so we don't all sink.

  5. Dear Capt

    I think all of us Malaysians who are of a certain vintage are equally disturbed by the tactics used by BN to cling on to power. Instead of reviewing the policies and values that led the BN to the present level of unpopularity, instead of working out how to regain public trust and affection, BN has chosen the low road.

    Your wisdom is a source of comfort for many of us who surf the Net looking for information, knowledge and, yes, a bit of solace and comfort.

  6. Captain,


    In this hour of critical difference, I appeal to you (and hope you get to read this appeal too) that you SHOULD NOT give up.

    Yes all of us, thousands more, are feeling just like how you feel. The shit not only stinks but refuses to be washed away.

    Perhaps that is the strategy of the Bolehland Politicians within the power ranks.

    They want us to get fed up and go silent.

    We must rise above the stink and keep the national quest for a clean, peaceful and progressive achievement moving on. So, we need you to hit the torque and go overdrive.

    We are nearing the defining moment and we must not relent.

    So Captain keep your updates sharp, trained on target and keep it coming.

    Thank you and God bless.

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  8. capt., this brown guy must be really 'BROWNED' up-stairs! how old are you? just found out your old man is a womaniser? womanising could be in our blood: issue, how would a decent man control himself or even his thought! a street-wise bloke ,like you said, will smell all those characters in double quick time. so brown you must be either sleeping or browned out!

  9. Captain,

    It is high time to hang the ship's ensign Upside down as a sign of distress! Indeed the ship is listing badly as well as having multiple leaks and the crew is in complete denial. Make the last scenes in the sinking Titanic - with the orchestra playing in the main ballroom, almost surreal.

    Much have been said about asking the Agong's intervention - is there any help apart from each of us praying to the Almighty?

  10. Captain,
    Anwar's bluff will be proven should he fail to bring over the 30 plus defectors after winning the soon to be contested Permatang Pauh's parliamentary seat. They will try to put him behind bars again so that he wont be able to consolidate his position before the next GE. Remember that if they could spring him out of jail so easily, putting him back in jail will be just as easy.

  11. As compare to Capt. ,i have never met or ever seen Anwar in person before. I dont know Anwar except from viewing the prime time news and from net podcast.
    None of the single piece of the many "evidences" as accuse by the bn government and the polis manage to convince me that Anwar is guilty.
    What happened 10 years ago to Anwar was a total frame up.

    The bn government will covers up their own wrong doing.
    How to explain the 2 person who got shot in batu Buruk?
    How to explain why the election court award the BukitBintang seat to Dr.ayam ?
    How to explain why Bala went missing?
    How to explain why no actions to the VkLingam scandal ?

    Integrity in BolehLand under BN ...
    We must be dreaming .

  12. Aye Captain

    But I also know people who know Anwar for almost half a century who say otherwise.

    It is what you want to believe... some believe Anwar is bisexual and some believe that Najib is a murderer. I don't believe neither!

    What if people say that you believe Anwar because you and him are 'alike'? Will that make a fact?


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