Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fuel Duel

(Source: Agenda Daily)

My hometown blogger friend Desiderata a.k.a. YL Chong, who is also an editor for the Centre for Policy Initiatives, writes:

The initiative by web portal Agenda Daily to organise a debate between PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek on the recent fuel price hike issue is to be applauded. We also welcome TV3's commitment to telecast the debate live on July 15, at 8.30pm from the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka auditorium.

Since Ahmad Shaberry assumed the information portfolio, he has stated on several occasions he would engage with various groups in public discourse on national issues, and indeed, RTM has since then launched a special "Blog" programme for several Sundays now, featuring thus far interviews with leading bloggers such as Raja Petra Kamarudin, Ahirudin Attan aka Rockybru, Tony Yew and Capt. Yusof Ahmad aka Ancient Mariner.

We believe such efforts to expand democratic discourse through the various media -- both print and electronic, old and new media -- is to be welcomed by all Malaysians consistent with a national agenda towards realising Vision 2020, which encompasses promoting and creating a civil society befitting the status of a first world nation.

We look forward to this debate, and the acceptance and willingness by the two debaters, Anwar and Ahmad Shaberry, to engage on behalf of the Government and the Opposition respectively, marks a stride forward for Malaysian democratic practice. It is the hope of many Malaysians such initiatives will be continued and expanded by both the ruling Government and the opposition parties, later to include civil society groups and prominent individuals perhaps, as they are all stakeholders in nation-building, with a common goal of achieving a better Malaysia for all.
-- YL Chong, Editor, CPI


  1. thanks matey, first and second, for PR-ing for CPI; also for thy good company this morn.

    I don't have positive vibes walking around Central Market from noon-2pm b4 heading forCPI opis; now back in Furong feeling depressed over the Botak's NONsense over TV (ably colluded by the CID chief...:(

  2. DPM vs Ex-DPM through the rakyat's lens

    The Deputy Prime Minister has finally spoken with regards to the the various moves coming from the corner of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    The DPM's has sworn on the Holy Book and in the Name of The Almighty. He has no link to the late Alyantunya's brutal, gruesome and merciless murder not even witnessed in Nazi camps of yester-years.

    Now, Datuk Serif Anwar Ibrahim cannot play dead. The ball is in his court. After all that he or his associates have alleged, his silence or non-rebuttal will conclusively show that the DPM was indeed not a party to the heinous crime of the century never seen in any country in the world.

    Meanwhile, now that the DPM has done what many a sinner would not dare do, what is Datuk Seri Najib going to do next as the problem is now even more compounded?

    If your opponent has sinned against you and in the process also misled the entire nation, are you just going to dismiss the entire episode like a sympathetic saint with loads of forgiveness or are you going to sue his butt off in the revered court of justice?

    Meanwhile who within the corridors of power will rise to take the full brunt of accountability for the following mysteries that has conveniently escaped the eyes and ears of many in power:

    Firstly, how can entry-egress records just disappear from the immigration records? Is this inquiry not a top priority for the administrators of the government and the department in question? Surely this investigation and haul-up can move independently from the current court battle.

    Secondly, who should take the rap for allowing the removal and use of a strictly guarded explosive? Should the authorities independently expedite the investigation of how such C4 material can be removed and used without permission? Is this not significant at least for the head of department?

    Thirdly, we all know that those person / people (or whoever it may be) involved in carrying out that senseless act of blowing up a woman to bits and pieces are obviously highly trained individuals. And as we understand these uniformed individual/s is/are also regimented and conditioned to only take orders. So who gave the order to act?

    So the DPM's recent act of absolving himself is not the most important issue here. The rakyat want to know how the heinous act was allowed vis-a-vis the three issues highlighted above.

    And as long as heads do not roll with hastened speed now, any remark, swearing or proclamation is not going to change public opinion.

    Hope this comment draws the attention of both the gentlemen - Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    J. D. Lovrenciear

  3. assalamualaikum wrth...
    semoga sehat sentiasa...kemaner pergi?
    tkde post baru pon dpd 14 hb n arie nie? rindu nk baca post baru captain...take care

  4. capt,the issue raised by J.D.L. is relevant, how could the immigration records be erased just like that! Shouldn't the power that be investigate and find out who has got the authority to do so.? But, with the immigration chief and his assistant under ACA's investigation, it would appear things could be done at a price! But who would do it if he/she had no link or advantage to erase it? i believe this issue should not be allowed just to go into the thin air! With the immigration boss being pinned down either he would talk or he would trade off!what say you?

  5. sabery kept going astray from all the questions thrown at him. he only cares to take a swipe at anwar than to try and solve the fuel price woes. regardless of who won the debate, he should just resign, buat malu je la ada minister like this fella.

  6. good debate overall! lively, engaging, fun and most importantly, civil. we should call for more of debates like this! actually that Shabery was green-lighted into doing this does demonstrate a certain willingness of the government to be open to public scrunity and engagement with all levels. same for the RTM bloggers programme.


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