Friday, July 04, 2008

A real hoot

(Source: Malaysiakini)

Well, if it didnt knock your socks off then it must have been a real hoot, the current political situation, I mean.

Our boy Najib hasn't been very truthful, has he? He had denied any links with Saiful Bukhari, when the case blew up, saying the 23-year-old came to his office and met officials some months ago looking for a scholarship. But he admitted yesterday, here, that he had met Saiful at his house recently because the latter was so "traumatised" about the sexual assault and came looking for help. I believe they only call this "withholding information" or something. Sheesh.

Najib has also repeatedly denied any links with murdered Mongolian beauty Altantuya. But his credibility is now wearing thin especially after the "explosive" claims made by Razak Baginda's former private investigator Balasubramaniam at a press conference organised by Anwar Ibrahim, here, yesterday. (I had made my way to the PC but got sidetracked and lost in the rain). At the PC, Anwar said that he will "adduce further evidence soon." O boy.

Perhaps as pointed out by a commentator in my blog, we don't need to wait longer for Najib to self destruct before his competitors come for him.


  1. Now now..I wonder though, Bala and his lawyer know very well that it's all hearsay, so how will that hold up in court? (assuming first that it WILL be admitted). I might be over-idealistic but..can we have all these drama and yet for our lives to go on as normal? that means no traffic jam, no fear for chaos and emergency declaration, no scaring the investors away..

  2. Captain,

    Can you so kindly announce to the world and all Malaysians through your blog that anyone who is traumatised owing to a ramming of their butts can walk into the DPM's house and seek help.

    Since when was it so easy for any one NOBODY-IN-TOWN to go and see the DPM in HIS HOUSE??

    Please Captain, do blow up the header for this announcement that I am humbly requesting. And thanks on behalf of all God fearing Malaysians.

  3. ha..ha..ha..
    Teringat siri tivi mind your language.Yang kat atas tu suka bikin jalan fikir berbelok-belok.I speak broken English perfectly..ha..ha

  4. Except that the PI retracted some parts of his SD today. So now, we are even more confused. Who is putting this PI under duress?
    If you read the SD, some parts of it appears to be hearsay. Since he did not say them while a witness in court and is saying them in the open, he would be open to litigation. Maybe he is not so confident with some of these hearsay.
    Well, I wish they would stop all these play acting and get back to running the country. Inflation is out of control. Do something before it is too late.


  5. mGf AM:

    My engrund not so gooder after a few tehtari' and PM dawns:
    izzit hood, hook that you mean?-- Desi

  6. capt., with this 2nd chapter [ 1st by RPK] i believe , the 3rd,4th, 5th and the rest will steadily follow. without doubt, the honey must be so nice and sweet and total FREE, that to get the hand of of the jar is damn difficult if not impossible. well, the rest of the team must be asking themselves, what we too get suck into this typhoon of VIGA strength!!If nothing comes out of this, then capt., all malaysians will have to fall on our knees and seek forgiveness from the ALMIGHTY for having appointed such leaders to lead this lovely country into the BLACK-HOLE!!

  7. Capt. 1st time commenting. After one SD after another and a retraction, one cant feel but tired! But then again any form 4 kid can understand why Bala did what he did with C4s all over the place! Whatever... it is the rakyat that has to bear the brunt of price increases in their everyday lifes. Now, does the govt. care? OMG!

  8. The basic question is: who is telling the rakyat the truth? Here the rakyat must consider the facts. In Saiful's case, we gather sufficient details from the media.

    According to Saiful's report to the police made on June 28, he was sodomized two days earlier,413 ...). That means he was sodomized on June 26. However, according to Najib, Saiful went to see him (Najib) in his house because he (Saiful)was traumatized after being sodomized several days earlier ( nama/v3/news.php?id=343750). Now, this meeting took place before the police report was made. So it took place before June 28. The phrase "several days" clearly means more than two days. So Saiful was sodomized, according to this report, before June 26.

    Are we therefore to infer that after Saiful was sodomized before June 26, he went to see Najib and then he went back to be sodomized again on June 26? If he went back to be sodomized for a second (at least) time after reporting the incident to Najib, what are we to make of that? Was he sent back to be sodomized again? If he was, who sent him back? If he wasn't sent back by someone then he must have gone voluntarily. In that case, isn't that a case of consensual sodomy? If a man was raped once by another man before June 26, would he go back to that same person to be raped again on June 26? What is going on here? Who is telling the truth?



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